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Quality and Safety Plan


Align Quality and Safety Plan with Organizational Strategic Plan

Use the Quality and Safety Plan to Focus Board Agenda

Providence Health Care in Seattle created a Quality Strategic Plan, and has seven associated questions aimed to foster wise strategic thinking about quality and safety (PowerPoint presentation available at

  1. Are we clear about our quality strategic aims and are we focused on the most important improvement opportunities to achieve those aims?
  2. Is there a solid strategic rationale for the annual and long-term improvement goals that management is recommending?
  3. Are we improving fast enough to meet our annual and long-term improvement goals?
  4. Do we have any systemic weaknesses that should be addressed to meet our internal improvement aims and/or to respond to external demands for data and accountability?
  5. Are there any individual facilities or programs that have weak improvement capabilities or insufficient capacity to improve?
  6. What are our experiences with improvement telling us about changes that are necessary in our Quality Strategic Plan?
  7. Are we sparking innovation, finding and systematically spreading best outcome practices and great ideas?
  8.  Alberta Quality Matrix for Health User Guide. This framework provides a common language, understanding and approach for thinking about quality among healthcare organizations, professionals and other stakeholders.

Mohr et al. (2002) suggested that key questions for boards to ask around quality are:

  • What initiatives has the organization undertaken to assess the safety of its patient care environment?
  • How is improving patient safety addressed in the organization’s mission statement?
  • Does the organization have an overall approach and plan for patient safety?
  • Does the patient safety plan include senior-level leadership, defined objectives, personnel and sufficient budget to accomplish its goals?
  • Should the organization create a position of chief safety officer in the executive management group?
  • What is the organization doing to create a culture of safety?
  • What is the plan for regular patient safety progress reports to the executive committee and board of directors?

Recommended Reading:

  • Mycek, S (2002) “Patient Safety: It Starts with the Board” Trustee 54(5):8-12.
    This article includes a checklist developed by Stephen DeLashmutt which asks, “What makes a quality plan?”