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Quality and Safety Plan


Board effectiveness relies on the ways in which board members translate this knowledge and information into quality and safety plans with measurable goals, maintain oversight on progress toward these goals, and hold the CEO, and through her or him, the organization, responsible for these goals.

Align Quality and Safety Plan with Organizational Strategic Plan

  • Timely and relevant information about current performance together with knowledge on quality of care and patient safety are important ingredients in creating strategic goals for an organization.
  • “The quality plan has to have specific measures, timelines and targets” so that board members can quickly assess progress of the organization on quality and safety initiatives. The quality and safety plan can cascade throughout the organization by having measures and targets that align with the strategic plan of the organization. Embedding the quality and safety plan into the broader strategic plan will ensure that it is an integral part of a broader organizational strategic plan and agenda.

Use the Quality and Safety Plan to Focus Board Agenda

  • The board can delegate authority to create a quality and safety plan to the CEO and senior team, which includes:
    • Create a quality and safety plan and framework
    • Approval of the quality and safety plan and framework by the board
    • Execute the quality and safety plan and framework
    • Monitor and report quarterly on progress
    • Evaluate the success of the quality and safety plan
  • The quality plan can focus beyond clinical improvement and demonstrate organization-wide commitment to fostering an environment that is conducive to improving the quality and safety of care overall. Boards can encourage and endorse :
    • Fostering a just culture
    • Disclosure, informing and reporting policies
    • Ongoing monitoring of risks in the organization
    • Effective patient safety reporting and learning strategies to help create a culture of openness, trust and improvement