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Quality and Patient Safety Culture


Saskatoon Health Region

The Saskatoon Health Region encourages patients to photojournal their stories to be presented to the Board. This is the story of Susan, who was riding her bike and fell incurring head, neck and chest injuries. Susan waited in the Emergency Department for an hour, and then in a bed for six more hours to see a doctor. A CT scan revealed her jaw was broken in two places, three of her teeth were lost with several severely displaced and her right arm was broken. She was sent from the Emergency Department and was left to coordinate her surgical care on her own. She first saw a dentist, then an orthodontist, and 4 days following the accident an orthopedic surgeon for her broken arm. Due to poor communication between providers, and between providers and Susan her care required:

  • 11 Surgeons to consult and/or operate
  • 8 visits to the hospital
  • 4 days of waiting
  • 3 bouts of anesthetic
  • 2 visits to the Family Doctor, and
  • Several follow-up visits

Susan’s story is visually depicted through this photojournal which was presented to the Saskatoon Health Region Board of Directors.