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February 11, 2014


  • Canadian Patient Safety Institute
  • Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada


  • Sunrise Health Region (SK) “Champion Your Health” Team
  • North Bay Regional Health Centre (ON)
  • Alberta Health Services Provincial MedRec Team


  • Maryanne D’Arpino, Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Purpose of the call:

To learn about:

  • successful strategies and approaches to engage patients and caregivers in MedRec,
  • how teams effectively dialogue with patients and their caregivers on the benefits of having an accurate medication list, and
  • the development of paper and electronic tools and resources created for patients and their caregivers to create and maintain their medication lists.


​PresentationClick here to download
​Sunrise Health Team - Patient Video​Click here to view the video
​Sunrise Health Team - Information KitClick here to download
​North bay Regional Health Centre MyMeds Matter CampaignClick here to download poster
​Alberta Health Services e-Learning module Click here to access​