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​Key Changes for Improvement

(IHI, 2011)

Steps for preventing pressure ulcers:

  1. Conduct a pressure ulcer admission assessment for all patients.
  2. Reassess risk for all patients daily.
  3. Inspect skin daily.
  4. Manage moisture on skin.
  5. Minimize pressure, friction and shear:
    1. Turn/reposition patients every two hours.
    2. Use pressure-redistribution surfaces.
  6. Optimize nutrition and hydration.

Additional Elements

  1. Maximize activity and mobility, reducing or eliminating friction and shear (Keast et al., 2006).
  2. Avoid skin massage.
  3. Barrier creams (NICE, 2014).
  4. Emerging therapies for prevention of pressure ulcers:
    • Microclimate control.
    • Prophylactic Dressings.
    • Fabrics and Textiles.
    • Electrical Stimulation of the Muscles for Prevention of Pressure Ulcers (National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, et al., 2014).