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Infographic Video: Patient safety is our collective responsibility
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Canada’s Hand Hygiene Challenge
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Safer Healthcare Now!
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Safer Healthcare for all Canadians
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SHIFT to Safety
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Education and Professional Development
Hand Hygiene Education
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Advancing Safety for Patients In Residency Education
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Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course
Which course is right for you?
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Effective Governance for Quality and Patient Safety Program
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Patient Safety Education Program – Canada
Frequently Asked Questions
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Become a Patient Safety Trainer Conference
Session: May 16-17, 2017 [Toronto, ON]
Session: September 28-29, 2017 [Toronto, ON]
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Post Program Support
Webinar 1: Front Line Engagement [February 21, 2013 ]
Webinar 2: Simulation and Patient Safety
Webinar 3: Canadian Incident Analysis Framework
Webinar 4: Patient Safety in Pediatrics: How the PSEP – Canada program can enhance Patient Safety in your organization
Webinar 5: Mental Health Care: Diminishing Violence and Aggressive Behaviour
Action Learning Series 1: “They’re Just Not That Into You; Effectively Engaging Your Audience”
Webinar 6: Sustaining Improvement Initiatives
Webinar 7: 2015 Innovations in Patient Safety Education Award Winners
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PSEP – Canada Curriculum
Module 14: Medication Reconciliation
Module 15: Capacity Building: Transferring PSEP – Canada Knowledge to your Organization
Module 16: Canadian Incident Analysis Framework
Plenary 1: Gaps in Patient Safety: A Call to Action
Plenary 2: External Influence: Issues of Law, Capacity & Policy
Plenary 3: What is Patient Safety?: A Conceptual Framework
Plenary 4: Advancing Patient Safety: How to Teach & Implement Practice
Module 1: Systems Thinking: Moving Beyond Blame to Safety
Module 2: Human Factors Design: Applications for Healthcare
Module 3: Communication: Building Understanding with Patients and Caregivers
Module 4: Teamwork: Being an Effective Team Member
Module 5: Organization and Culture
Module 6: Technology: Impact on Patient Safety
Module 8: Leadership: Everybody’s Job
Module 9: Methods for Improving Safety
Module 7a: Patients as Partners: Engaging Patients and Families: Patient and Family Centred Care
Module 7b: Patients as Partners: Engaging Patients and Families in the Disclosure Process
Module 12a: Interventional Care: Perioperative Care
Module 17a: How to Build and Embed Patient Safety and Quality Content into Curricula/Education Programs
/en/education/PatientSafetyEducationProgram/PatientSafetyEducationCurriculum/MentalHealthModules/ 6 pages
Mental Health Modules
Mental Health Care: An Introduction to Patient Safety Issues
Mental Health Care: Preventing Suicide and Self-Harm
Mental Health Care: Absconding and Missing Patients
Mental Health Care: Diminishing Violence and Aggressive Behaviour
Mental Health Care: Seclusion and Restraint
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PSEP – Canada Master Facilitators Directory
Paula Beard, MA
Kristi Chorney, BHEcol, RD, MSc
Mark Daly, RRT, MA (Ed.)
Rita Damignani, MSc, BScPT
Mary-Anne Davies, RN, MScN
Donna Davis, LPN
Denise Durfy-Sheppard, RN, BVocEd, MN
Joan Fernandez, RN, BA, BScN, MPH
Jon Gilleland, MD, FRCPC
Amir Ginzburg, MD, FRCPC
David Goldstein, MSc, MB, BCh, BAO, FRCPC
Abigail Hain, RN, MScN
Cheryl Harder, B.Ed
Chris Hayes, MD, MSc, Med(c), FRCPC
Roy Ilan, MD, MSc
Martin Lees, MD, PhD, FCCHL, C.Mgr, CPHQ, CCPE
Helen Margiotta, BScN, RN, MN
Dr (Maj) Sherissa Microys, BMedSci, MD, FRCPC
Dale Nixon, BN, RN
Tracie Northway, RN, MSN, CNCCP-C
Ann Pottinger, RN, MN
Shoba Ranganathan, LLM, MHSA, MSc, CHE
Kim Sears, RN PhD
Laurel Taylor, PhD, MBA, BSc (Eng)
Gordon Wallace, MD, FRCPC
Norbert Werner, EMT-P, GDDET, M.Ed
Jennifer White
Kate Wilkinson RN, BScN, MSc Health Administration
Carla Williams, RN, MHSM, GNC(c)
Brian Wong, MD
Shannon Moore, BSc, EMT
Dawn Hartfield, BScMed, MPH, MD, FRCPC
Julia C. Trahey, MD, FRCPC
Julie Langlois, RN, PhD
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PSEP – Canada’s Innovations in Patient Safety Education Award
Selection Process, Eligibility and Parameters
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Simulation Network
Steering Committee
Working Groups
Links of Interest
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Ask. Listen. Talk.
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Atlantic Health Quality & Patient Safety Learning Exchange 2017
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Calendar View
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Canada’s Virtual Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
Canada's Forum Objectives
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Melissa Barton
Reece Bearnes
Cheryl Connors
Rob Fraser
Jody Hales
Kimbalin Kelly
Bruce MacLeod
Deborah Prowse
Tara Sampalli
David Sweet
Michael Apkon
Helen Bevan
Lara Di Mambro
Ward Flemons
Katrina Hurley
Sandra Koppert
Debra Merrill
Polly Stevens
Christina Gunther-Murphy
Brian Little
Cameron McAlpine
Shirlee Sharkey
Gordon Wallace
Bonnie Nicholas
Mike Cass
Keith Taylor
Roberta Baker
Olavo Fernandes
Catherine Gaulton
Julien Poitras
Rosalie Freund-Heritage
Michel Tremblay
Cecilia Bloxom
Dawn Hollohan
Peter Norton
Chris Power
Kim Stelmacovich
Claude LaFlamme
Sharon Nettleton
Carl Amrhein
Diane Aubin
Ross Baker
Tracey Barbrick
Susan Mumme
Sabina Robin
Luc Therrien
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Canadian ICU Collaborative : “PAD your ICU” National Improvement Initiative
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Tools & Resources
Canadian Patient Safety Week
Frequently Asked Questions
Patient & Family Stories
Communications Toolkit
Hands in Healthcare Magazine
Getting started planning checklist
Healthcare Provider Stories
CPSW Webinar: How to make CPSW come alive using social media!
Twitter Talk Event #AskListenTalk
Questions Save Lives Campaign
Patient Safety Quiz
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Webinar: Partnering with Patients and Families can Make Care Safer!
2017 Patient Safety Champion Awards
Eligibility rules and regulations
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STOP! Clean Your Hands Day
Tools & Resources
STOP! Clean Your Hands Day Video Competition
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Tips for Talking Video Competition
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News & Alerts
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Alert Details
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Global Patient Safety Alerts
Alerts Search Results
Recommendations Search Result
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October 2013: Infection Prevention and Control
August 2013 Sharing for Learning
November 2013: Sharing for Learning
Volume 6 Issue 2 - February 2010
Volume 06 Issue 03 - March 2010
Volume 06 Issue 04 - April 2010
Volume 06 Issue 05 - May 2010
Volume 06 Issue 06 - June 2010
Volume 06 Issue 07 - July 2010
Volume 06 Issue 08 - September 2010
Medication Safety Leader for British Columbia
Getting Started Kits Update
Mark your calendars for upcoming National Calls
Expert advice on Getting Started
Patient Safety Metrics: Measuring to Reduce Harm New online measurement and data reporting system
Canada’s Hand Hygiene Challenge
A Grass Roots Approach to Improving Patient Safety: Innovation or back to basics?
Stop the Clot – VTE Prevention Atlantic Workshops
Patient Safety Metrics Additional training on using new web-based measurement system
Atlantic Canada forging ahead: Collaboration, Alignment and Leadership
And the winners are ... Hand Hygiene video competition
National VTE Audit Day provides a snapshot of prophylaxis use
10 more Interprofessional teams trained to enhance patient safety education
1,400 hands on deck for STOP! Clean Your Hands Day
2012 Notice of Annual Business Meeting of Members
20 ways to make the most of your Canadian Patient Safety Week celebration
78.3 per cent of healthcare workers clean their hands
Achieving Excellent Care for All
Adult learning techniques help to engage your audience
Advocate applauds release of ‘Patient Safety in Primary Care’ research paper
A final note from Halifax 10
A framework for analyzing patient safety incidents
Alberta embraces Safe Surgery Checklist: Audit confirms 95 per cent compliance in its use
Alberta Health Services sets target for 100 per cent Hand Hygiene Compliance
Ambassadors and peer-to-peer spread help to shift the culture of patient safety
A note from CPSI staff: We got the Power
Apply now for graduate research degree in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
Apply now for new Master’s Degree in Healthcare Quality, Risk and Safety
Are you engaged? Customizing your social media experience
Are you Photohygenic? Clean Shots Photo Contest winners
Ask.Listen.Talk. Video competition winners tell all
Canada’s Virtual Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement: Ask Listen Talk
A spooky idea for Canadian Patient Safety Week
A Spotlight on Medication Safety: Canada’s Virtual Forum Day 3 Recap
Bar coding: a National Strategy for medication safety
Become a Patient Safety Trainer conference
Bridgepoint Health recognized for leadership in patient safety education
Bridgepoint Health speaks up for patient safety
Build a strong patient safety culture in your organization
Call for Home Care Safety Expert Faculty
Canada’s Virtual Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Patient Safety: What does it mean? What does it take?
Canada’s Forum: a call to action for collaboration, partnerships and finding practical solutions for change
Canada’s Forum: Reflections and Opportunities for Patient Safety
Canadian Armed Forces tailor Patient Safety Education Program – Canada to help strengthen their patient safety culture
Canadian Medical Protective Association CEO Blog: Hart of the Matter
Canadian Medical Protective Association: Good Practices to advance patient safety
Canadian Patient Safety Institute Annual Review - ASK.LISTEN.TALK.
Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course attracts participants from across Canada and Hong Kong
Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course New course to be offered in April 2011
Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course Vancouver and Ottawa sessions available in 2012
Canadian Patient Safety Week 2010 hits new heights
Canadian Patient Safety Week 2013 kicks off
Canadian Patient Safety Week Are you ready to celebrate?
Canadian Patient Safety Week just around the corner!
Canadian Patient Safety Week to celebrate medication safety
Canadian Patient Safety Week Webinar Series
Carolyn Canfield: 2014 Canadian Patient Safety Champion
Celebrating Heroes on the Frontline – Highlights of Day 4 of Canada’s Virtual Forum
Central Health’s efforts in patient safety education recognized
Chris Power successfully recruited as CPSI’s new CEO
Contribute to new knowledge in patient safety
Covenant Health gets ready for Canadian Patient Safety Week
CPSI hosts Medication Safety Summit
CPSI hosts Patient Safety Education Roundtable
CPSI hosts Surgical Care Safety Summit
CPSW an eye-opening experience for Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital
Curriculum review helps to understand strengths and identify gaps in safety competencies
Customized Governance program available for Ontario’s primary care sector
Customized Governance program for First Nations includes traditional ceremonies
Dalhousie University to launch new nursing curriculum: Safety Competencies mapped to student learning outcomes
Delia Cooper: a pioneer in promoting patient-centred care
Developing Solutions for Patient Safety Incidents and Challenges
Development for the Assessment and Prevention of Suicide Risk
Dr. Claude Laflamme to Chair CAS Patient Safety Committee
Dress up as a Germ to promote good hand hygiene practices
Economics of Patient Safety in Acute Care – report examining the financial cost of adverse events released July 9th, 2012
Economics of Patient Safety in Acute Care – report to be released in May 2012 examines the financial cost of adverse events
Effective Governance for Quality and Patient Safety receives prestigious award
Effective Governance with a long-term care focus
Canada’s Virtual Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement - Engagement: Patients, families and the public
Engaging frontline staff in auditing at Capital Health
Canada’s Virtual Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement: Engaging hearts and minds in medication safety
Engaging Patients to Bridge the Gap from Primary Care to Home Care
Evidence-informed approaches to Governance and Leadership
Evidence-Informed Healthcare Renewal Portal – Now Available!
Feeling overburdened? Learn how to succeed with quality improvement work
Five students awarded funding to develop solutions for key patient safety issues
Focusing on the patient perspective – Canada’s Virtual Forum Day 5 recap and highlights
Canada’s Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement - Special Recap Issue
Gaining a perspective on Safety at Home: the Pan-Canadian Home Care Study
Ghost Busting in Healthcare Essay Series - Looking for Ghost writers
Global Patient Safety Alerts breaking new ground
Governance program adapted for the community sector
Have you signed up yet? The launch of the Improving Care Search Centre is fast-approaching!
HealthAchieve offers Effective Governance for Quality and Patient Safety program as pre-conference workshop
Helping medical educators advance patient safety in residency education
Help the patient voice be heard - Studentships
High Reliability Organizing with the Patient
Holland Bloorview’s approach to improve reporting, increase good catches and reduce harm
Holland Bloorview implements a hospital-wide patient safety vision
Holland Bloorview’s creative approach to safe medication management
Holland Bloorview speaks out about authentic partnerships
How the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is building a patient safety culture
How to effectively apologize and say you’re sorry
iDoseCheck improves accuracy of paediatric drug calculations
Improving Care Search Centre: changing the way information is shared
Incident Analysis learning opportunities and impact evaluation
Increasing patient safety for infants, children and youth
Innovation in Patient Safety Education Award – 2014 Recipients
Is healthcare safer? Inquires, reflections and progress
It’s not about shaming or blaming, it’s about improving healthcare
Jewish General Hospital: Quebec’s expert in thrombosis prevention
Justin’s story
Keeping children safe from harm - a call to action
Tools and resources now available: Key learnings from the Pan Canadian Home Care Study
Kingston General Hospital wins Patient Safety Champion Organization Award for 2014
Kudos to BC Quality Award winners
Launching Soon: Global Patient Safety Alerts
Leadership and Culture: A Call To Action
Leadership Award presented for fostering a patient safety culture
Learning together to advance board governance of quality and patient safety
Let’s Celebrate Safe Care - Have you got a good story to tell?
Making a difference in care outcomes
Manitoba’s approach to effective governance of quality and patient safety
Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors joins Global Patient Safety Alerts
Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety marks a decade of patient safety excellence
Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety simulation toolkit
Medication Bar-coding System in Operating Rooms receives Patient Safety award
Medication Safety: Communicating Effectively to Prevent Harm
NAIT to host patient safety trainer program and Simulation Conference in Edmonton
National healthcare organizations get on same page for patient safety
New Board Chair appointed for Canadian Patient Safety Institute
New Degree program in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
New guidelines promote patient safety in endoscopic services
New patient safety initiatives in Manitoba
News Archive
New standards for nursing education programs promote patient safety competencies
New Strategic Plan hits the mark!
New Technology at North York General Hospital
Next generation of healthcare providers to lead patient safety research
Notes and Quotes on leadership from Canada’s Virtual Forum - Day 1
Ottawa Hospital uses core competencies education to create patient safety culture
PSEP - Canada training helps teams to make positive changes at Bridgepoint Health
Participate in patient safety discussions using social media
Patient Safety Crosswalk establishes itself as a useful tool for sharing and learning
Patient and Family Advisors play key role in promoting Canadian Patient Safety Week at CKHA
Patient safety advocates join PSEP – Canada Master Facilitator team
Patient Safety and Incident Management online Toolkit launched
Patient Safety Education Program – Canada delivers to Alberta healthcare educators
Patient Safety Education Project-Canada trains interprofessional teams
Patient Safety Metrics helps northern Alberta hospitals audit MedRec
Patient Safety Metrics tool helps to facilitate quarterly VTE prophylaxis audits in Alberta
Patients for Patient Safety Canada meeting builds connections and sense of unity with members
Patients for Patient Safety Canada co-chairs win “Quality of Life Award”
Pharmacists champion National VTE audit
Prairie Mountain Health develops Quality and Patient Safety Education program
Pre-Conference helps builds momentum for safe transitions in care
Preventable patient safety incidents at $397 million
Providing input on Disclosure - New draft Guidelines available for review
PSEP – Canada adds patient safety in mental health modules to core curriculum
PSEP ‒ Canada: helping to build a culture of patient safety
Qmentum Quarterly: Practical quality improvement solutions
Recap of IPAC Summit and Patient Safety Consortium
Reducing preventable complications in hip and knee surgery
Reflections on the Future of Healthcare
Register for Canada’s Virtual Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
Register now for the Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course
Renfrew Victoria Hospital’s frontline approach to improving the culture of patient safety
Renfrew Victoria’s efforts to foster a patient safety culture recognized
Research grant awarded to advance safety for patients with heart-related problems in emergency
Resource Manual for managing and preventing infections in Continuing Care
Revisions to the Canadian Root Cause Analysis Framework
Safety Competencies mapping
Sandra Zelinsky’s patient engagement study helps to facilitate patient safety for surgery
Sayonara to infections! April is Canadian Hand Hygiene Audit month
Second victims: A landmark national conversation on providing timely psychological first aid
St. John’s Rehab promote patient safety message among staff and patients
STOP! Clean Your Hands Day: Canada’s creative approach to promoting hand hygiene
Take your Patient Safety Education Projects to the next level!
Taking Steps for Falls Prevention
The Capital District Health Authority promotes patients first
The clock is ticking ... register today for Canada’s Virtual Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
Canada’s Virtual Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement: The culture and environment of work and care
The more secrets an organization tries to keep, the more suspicious people will be
The Ottawa Hospital patient safety education program helps move the bar toward a safety culture
The Power of Partnerships: Canada’s Virtual Forum Day 2
The PSEP – Canada ripple effect is changing the patient safety culture at Bridgepoint Health
Think Digital Health Isn’t Working For You? Think Again.
Top 10 reasons to sign up for Canada’s Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement and Canadian Patient Safety Week
Transitions at the Acute Care/Home Care Interface
Understanding the impact of teamwork and communication on patient safety
University educators and clinical teams certified as Patient Safety Trainers
University of Calgary offers Patient Safety and Quality Management Certificate on-line program
VTE Audit provides national snapshot: 86 per cent of hospitalized patients receiving prophylaxis
What’s Your Hand in It? What’s behind the winning entry?
What you did not see at Canada’s Virtual Forum
When someone shows up in a lab coat, are they qualified?
“With a Little Help from My Friends” helps to reduces the stigma of mental illness
Working in partnership to make a difference CPSI and CNA sign Partnership Agreement
Your VOICE is heard at Waypoint Centre
August 2013: Medication Safety
July 2013: Meet our Contributing Organizations
September 2013: Surgical Care Safety
“You can ask me to clean my hands” buttons help to reduce healthcare infections
Amazing enthusiasm and energy at Atlantic Learning Exchange
Assessing the patient for appropriate prophylaxis
Atlantic Learning Exchange promotes leadership and change
Atlantic Quality and Patient Safety Learning Exchange- Promises ‘down home flavor’ for participants
A unique and successful tool to help prevent blood clots
Canadian healthcare organizations show high ROP compliance across all sectors
Celebrating STOP! Clean Your Hands Day
Collaborative helps ICU teams look at new ways to address delirium
CPSI announces Hand Hygiene Faculty
CPSI launches video contest to promote hand hygiene
Cuts like a Knife National Call sharpens knowledge of surgical teams
Don’t Slip Up! helps teams to reduce falls and injury from falls
Dr. Claude LaFlamme promotes best practices to reduce surgical site infections
Dr. Guiseppe Papia improves care for more than just his patients
National Calls: “Every Patient Safe” – Tuesday, December 14, 2010 – 13:00 EST
Hand Hygiene e-learning - free module to improve infection control
Safe Surgical Care – Accepting No Less! Highlights from the March Workshop
Safe Surgical Care – Accepting No Less! Highlights from the March Workshop
Home is where the heart is! Virtual Action Series gets high marks from participants
Hôpital Montfort wins design Stick it to Hand Hygiene! competition
Hourly rounding: A new falls initiative at Deer Lodge Centre
Improvement Frameworks Getting Started Kit guides system change
Improving care for heart attack patients
Improving high alert medication delivery in paediatrics
Infection control awareness helps to reduce ARO outbreak and transmission at Grey Bruce Hospital
Informed patients can help drive change, says patient safety advocate
Join us for "STOP! Clean Your Hands Day" This is an opportunity you can’t miss!
Join us for "STOP! Clean Your Hands Day" This is an opportunity you can’t miss!
Learn, Share and be informed!
Let’s make things happen - takes new approach to controlling superbugs
Mark your calendars for upcoming Safer Healthcare Now! National Calls
Medication Reconciliation in Long-Term Care – Updated English and French How-To-Guides Available
National Call highlights novel tool for acute and long term care
National Calls: January 2011
New Approach to Controlling Superbugs
News Archive
Optimizing Medication Safety at Care Transitions
Owning the problem and owning the solutions Supporting teams in controlling spread of superbugs
Owning the problem and owning the solutions Supporting teams in controlling spread of superbugs
Preventing Venous Thromboembolism – Updated resources now available!
Providers across Canada coming together to prevent surgical site infections
Quebec Node’s Paule Bernier receives prestigious award
Raise your clean hands and get involved in Stop! Clean Your Hands Day
Saskatchewan Health Region achieves central-line success
Saskatoon Health Region pioneers MedRec in home care
Sharing our “dirty little secret”: Infection control initiatives lead back to optimal hand hygiene
Newsletters 2009
Solving the Medication Reconciliation Mystery Saskatchewan workshop
Spreading MedRec – Collaborating to create a reliable discharge process
STOP! Clean Your Hands Day - Celebrating optimal hand hygiene
STOP THE CLOT Collaborative helps to reduce venous thromboembolism
Sustainability concepts support falls prevention and injury reduction programs
Helping others break down barriers - The role of a Positive Deviance Coach
Three teams share their approach to implementing a VTE strategy
Thunder Bay Critical Care Unit fine-tunes Medication Reconciliation processes
Trailblazer awards recognize innovative solutions Highlights of e-solutions for medication reconciliation
Videos feature the “rock stars” of hand hygiene
Volume 6 Issue 1 - January 2010
What about the Patient? Ensuring optimal hand hygiene
What’s New in Falls Best Practices?
Workshop highlights pockets of excellence in MedRec
Our address may have changed, but our passion never will
Patient Safety Power Plays
Patient Safety Power Plays – May 2015
Good culture leads to good results: How CUSP is improving surgical care in BC
What you should know about a dog named “Jack”, a head of cauliflower and a jump rope
The Stories
Meet the new Canadian Home Care Faculty
Horizon’s regional approach for VTE prevention
Coming this October, I am in for a treat.
Patient Safety Power Plays - August 2015
Patient Safety research projects funded to advance the use of simulation
University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine revisits safety competencies mapping
Paramedic’s educational framework for patient safety
Patient Safety Power Plays – September 2015
Call for Infection Prevention and Control Expert Faculty
Funding feasibility studies that lead to improved care for frail elderly Canadians
November is Fall Prevention Month
Partnering with patients and families in making care safer
Innovations in Patient Safety Education – 2015 Award recipients
Patient Safety Power Plays – October 2015
Concordia to implement MedRec at admission, transfer and discharge by 2020
Implementing MedRec at Horizon Health Network
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre: a model for patient and family-centred care
Keith Taylor is making a difference in patient and family-centred care
Price family receives 2015 Patient Safety Champion Individual Award
Canada’s Virtual Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement: Looking back, reaching forward – the new Safer Healthcare Now!
Providence Health Care recognized for work in patient and family-centred care
Family leadership at Holland Bloorview
Kari Bulger: A trailblazer in patient and family involvement
Canada’s Virtual Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement - When Workplace Joy Thrives, Patient Safety Comes Alive!
New Campaign Promotes Family Presence
Home Care Safety Falls Prevention Virtual Improvement Collaborative
Patient Safety Power Plays – November 2015
Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course celebrates milestone anniversaries with discounts on new registrations
Patient Safety Power Plays – December 2015
Get ready for the 2016 Canadian Surgical Site Infection Prevention Audit
10,000 Reasons to Race for Infection Prevention
Falls Audit helps Canadian Red Cross to improve processes
Falls audit tool a perfect fit for the Saskatoon Health Region
Patient Safety Power Plays – January 2016
Update to our Consortium Partners
Join the “PAD Your ICU” National Initiative
Patient Safety Power Plays - February 2016
Safe Surgery Checklist - successes and good catches
Patient Safety Power Play: Year In Review
It’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with
Let’s talk about your medications
Educating Educators in quality and patient safety
Patients for Patient Safety Canada celebrates 10 years of harm to healing
Quarterly Update Infection Prevention and Control
Quarterly Update Home Care Safety
Quarterly Update Surgical Care Safety
Quarterly Update National Patient Safety Consortium
Quarterly Update Patient Safety Education
Quarterly Update Medication Safety
Patients for Patient Safety Canada – 10 years strong
10 years of partnering for patients – a message from the Patients for Patient Safety Canada Co-Chairs
Message from Martin Hatlie, CEO Project Patient Care
Love thy colleague
Accreditation Canada recognizes increasing compliance with VTE prophylaxis
Ms. Murray goes to Geneva
CPSI honoured by award wins
Telling the patient engagement story
Whitehorse General Hospital shares key learnings from the SSI Audit
Something BIG this way comes
University Health Network’s approach to reducing surgical site infections
Quarterly Update National Patient Safety Consortium
Quarterly Update Home Care Safety
Quarterly Update Infection Prevention and Control
Medication Safety Quarterly Update
Quarterly Update Surgical Care Safety
Quarterly Update Patient Safety Education
Measuring for safety: The evolving role of the Central Measurement Team
Have you SHIFTED to Safety yet?
Measurement: a look back and a new approach
Canadian Red Cross shares key learnings from the Home Care Safety Falls Collaborative
PSEP – Canada to help St. Michael’s build patient safety capacity
Patient Safety Power Play: The National Patient Safety Consortium – bringing a shared vision for change alive
Join CPSI’s new expert faculty
Saint Elizabeth takes a practical approach to falls prevention
Connecting the pieces to communicate effectively: 2016 Power of One Award
An education model for EMS and paramedicine across the country: 2016 Power of a System award
September has been a busy month for all of us!
Technology helps to reduce medication errors across the United States
Sharing ideas to improve medication safety globally
Prescrire addresses medication safety in France
Learning online with the Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course
Celebrate Canadian Patient Safety Week 2016 and get ready to tweet!
How often do patients experience harm in a hospital?
Holland Bloorview enlists Family Leaders to take Accreditation standards to the next level
Is your mom on drugs? Addressing the dangers of overmedication in older adults
Volunteer ambassador Charles Pharand makes a positive impact on the patient experience
Patient Oriented Discharge: a self-management tool designed for patients with spinal cord injury
Giving patients and families a voice at Michael Garron Hospital: 2016 Patient Safety Team/Organizational Champion Award
We should talk: How three physicians championed effective communication at Montreal Children’s Hospital
Questions Save Lives: How many questions does it take to save a life?
Help us reduce falls and make care safer: join our expert faculty
Holland Bloorview driving the client and family voice
Patient Safety Education Action Plan
Medication Safety Quarterly Update
Quarterly Update Home Care Safety
Quarterly Update Infection Prevention and Control
Quarterly Update Surgical Care Safety
Patient Safety Power Plays – Looking back on 2016
Improving Patient Safety Rounds at the IWK Health Centre
National Consortium Quarterly Update
2017: The year of the possible
Highlights of 2016 collaboration with Atlantic Health Quality Patient Safety Collaborative: First National Incident Management Skills Development Session!
Project Saving Legs: New hope for Diabetics facing amputation
Pioneer in the patient movement still dedicated to the cause
Everybodys got a story to tell
CanMEDS Consortium will promote pan-Canadian approach to physician training and evaluation
Patient safety and the power of one
/en/NewsAlerts/News/newsReleases/ 8 pages
News Releases
TVN and CPSI commission frail elderly “provider-navigator” research
Canada creates list of events that should never happen in hospitals
Champions of patient safety win national award
Making sense of your medications
Safety is a shared responsibility: a 10-year review of surgical safety incidents in Canada
New Shift to Safety initiative launched to reduce incidence of patient harm in Canadian healthcare settings
Eight Canadian home care organizations pioneering home care safety improvement
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Advanced Search
Search People
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Report Search Results
Tools and Resources
/en/toolsResources/ 59 pages
Tools & Resources
Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC): Videos
Patient and Family: Useful Links
Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI): Getting Started Kit
Surgical Safety Checklist: Resources
Resource Links to Hand Hygiene Resources Worldwide
Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI): Videos
Patient and Family Resource: Surgical Safety
Tips for partnering with patients families on committees
Patient and Family Resource: Tips on ways to share your story
Medication Reconciliation (Med Rec): Tools
Preventing Falls: From Evidence to Improvement
Surgical Site Infection (SSI): Videos
Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Pocket Cards
Preventing Falls: From Evidence to Improvement in Canadian Health Care
Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP): Videos
Medication Reconciliation (Med Rec): Getting Started Kit
Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI): Getting Started Kit
Prevention and Management of Delirium (Delirium): ​Getting Started Kit
Reducing Falls and Injury from Falls (Falls): Getting Started Kit
Reducing Falls and Injury from Falls (Falls): Videos
Medication Reconciliation (Med Rec): Videos
Medication Reconciliation (Med Rec): Presentations & Posters
How can we make the partnership with patients/families more impactful?
Medication Reconciliation (Med Rec): Reports
Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC): Getting Started Kit
Learning from the best: A webinar with the Patient Safety Champion Awards Finalists
Tips for patient engagement in patient safety and quality committees
Rapid Response Teams (RRT): Getting Started Kit
Surgical Site Infection (SSI): Getting Started Kit
Patient Advisor Training: Now and Next
Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP): Getting Started Kit
Rebranding MedRec – How organizations are using ‘5 Questions to Ask about your Medications’
It’s not WHAT you do; it’s HOW you do it!
Webinar: You did what?...How?
Measuring Patient Harm in Canadian Hospitals and Driving Improvement: How the CIHI – CPSI collaborative on hospital harm can support patient safety initiatives in your organization
Introduction of the Measuring and Monitoring of Safety (Vincent) Framework to Canada
Implementing the Vincent Framework at the Frontline
Paper to Electronic MedRec Implementation Toolkit
Additional Hand Hygiene Materials
Fact Sheets About Hand Hygiene
Hand Hygiene Observation Tools
Hand Hygiene Toolkit
Hand Hygiene Human Factors Toolkit
Hand Hygiene: Working with Patients and Families
Patient and Family Resource: Disclosure Principles
How to care for yourself when representing the patient voice
Patient and Family Resource: External Resources
Tips for patient family engagement with health authorities to improve patient safety and quality of care
Questions Are the Answer
Patient engagement in medication safety at the point of care – roles, responsibilities
Canada’s Virtual Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
Medication Incident Reporting in Canada: A White Paper
Background for Infection Prevention and Control
You’re kidding, right? Patients to help with antimicrobial resistance?
SSI Audit Recap Report
2016 SSI Guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO)
How did they partner with patients for safety? A webinar with the Patient Safety Champion Awards Finalists
/en/toolsResources/Am-i-safe/ 1 pages
Am I Safe?
/en/toolsResources/disclosure/ 1 pages
Canadian Disclosure Guidelines: Being open with patients and families
/en/toolsResources/disclosure/DisclosureTraining/ 3 pages
Disclosure Training Programs
The Institute for Healthcare Communication – Canada
Disclosure Training Program: The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)
/en/toolsResources/Canadian-Patient-Engagement-Network/ 1 pages
Canadian Patient Engagement Network
/en/toolsResources/Choosing-Wisely/ 1 pages
Choosing Wisely
/en/toolsResources/GovernancePatientSafety/ 11 pages
Effective Governance for Quality and Patient Safety
Message from the Co-Chairs
Message from Patients for Patient Safety Canada
What is Quality and Patient Safety?
Where Does Governance Fit In?
Glossary of Terms
How to Use this Toolkit
/en/toolsResources/GovernancePatientSafety/ExecutingGovernancePatientSafety/ 3 pages
Effective Governance
/en/toolsResources/GovernancePatientSafety/PatientSafetyfortheBoard/ 4 pages
Literature Review
/en/toolsResources/GovernancePatientSafety/KeyDriversGovernancePatientSafety/ 2 pages
Perspectives on Governance from Beyond Canada
Governance for Quality and Patient Safety in Canada
/en/toolsResources/GovernancePatientSafety/KnowledgePatientSafety/ 4 pages
Literature Review
/en/toolsResources/GovernancePatientSafety/MeasurementPatientSafety/ 4 pages
Literature Review
/en/toolsResources/GovernancePatientSafety/AssessImprovePatientSafetyCulture/ 4 pages
Quality and Patient Safety Culture
Literature Review
/en/toolsResources/GovernancePatientSafety/CreatingExecutingPatientSafetyPlan/ 4 pages
Quality and Safety Plan
Literature Review
/en/toolsResources/GovernancePatientSafety/RelationshipsBoardLeadershipStaff/ 4 pages
Recommended Reading
/en/toolsResources/GovernancePatientSafety/GovernanceSkillsandRole/ 4 pages
Skills and Role
Recommended Reading
/en/toolsResources/Enhanced-Recovery-after-Surgery/ 1 pages
Enhanced Recovery after Surgery
/en/toolsResources/5-Questions-to-Ask-about-your-Medications/ 1 pages
Five Questions to Ask about your Medications
/en/toolsResources/InformingMediaAdverseEvent/ 1 pages
Guidelines for Informing The Media After an Adverse Event
/en/toolsResources/HealthcareProviderStories/ 8 pages
Healthcare Provider Stories
Dr. Francois deWet turns “physician’s worst nightmare” into opportunity for improvement
Tragedy leads Dr. Doug Cochrane on mission to improve patient safety
David U fights for a blame-free culture in healthcare
Patient and Provider come together in wake of patient safety incident
Dr. Julia Trahey calls for peer support networks to assist providers following patient safety incidents
Patient’s unexpected death changes the way one obstetrician thinks all doctors should be educated
Surgical error inspires doctor to champion the safety of all patients
/en/toolsResources/HomeCareSafety/ 4 pages
Home Care Safety
Resources for home care providers
Resources for family caregivers and clients
Resources for policy makers and academics
/en/toolsResources/Home-Care-Safety-Falls-Collaborative/ 1 pages
Home Care Safety Improvement Collaborative
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/ 1 pages
Hospital Harm Measure
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/Improvement-Resources/ 4 pages
Hospital Harm Improvement Resource
General Patient Safety Quality Improvement and Measurement Resources
How to Use the Hospital Harm Measure for Improvement
Learning from Harm
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/Improvement-Resources/Altered Blood Glucose-Introduction/ 10 pages
Altered Blood Glucose: Introduction
Altered Blood Glucose: Discharge Abstract Database
Altered Blood Glucose: Importance to Patients and Families
Altered Blood Glucose: Evidence Informed Practices
Altered Blood Glucose: Measures
Altered Blood Glucose: Standards and Required Organizational Practices
Altered Blood Glucose: Global Patient Safety Alerts
Altered Blood Glucose: Success Stories
Altered Blood Glucose: References
Altered Blood Glucose: Resources
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/Improvement-Resources/Aspiration-Pneumonia/ 10 pages
Aspiration Pneumonia: Introduction
Aspiration Pneumonia: Discharge Abstract Database
Aspiration Pneumonia: Importance to Patients and Families
Aspiration Pneumonia: Evidence Informed Practices
Aspiration Pneumonia: Measures
Aspiration Pneumonia: Standards and Required Organizational Practices
Aspiration Pneumonia: Global Patient Safety Alerts
Aspiration Pneumonia: References
Aspiration Pneumonia: Resources
Aspiration Pneumonia: Success Stories
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/Improvement-Resources/Delirium-Introduction/ 10 pages
Delirium: Introduction
Delirium: Discharge Abstract Database
Delirium: Importance to Patients and Families
Delirium: Evidence Informed Practices
Delirium: Measures
Delirium: Standards and Required Organizational Practices
Delirium: Global Patient Safety Alerts
Delirium: Prevention Success Stories
Delirium: References
Delirium: Resources
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/Improvement-Resources/Medication-Incidents-Introduction/ 11 pages
Medication Incidents: Introduction
Medication Incidents: Discharge Abstract Database
Medication Incidents: Importance to Patients and Families
Medication Incidents: Evidence Informed Practices
Medication Incidents: Additional Medication Safety Guidance
Medication Incidents: Measures
Medication Incidents: Standards and Required Organizational Practices
Medication Incidents: Global Patient Safety Alerts
Medication Incidents Prevention Success Stories
Medication Incidents: References
Medication Incidents: Resources
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/Improvement-Resources/Obstetric Hemorrhage-Introduction/ 10 pages
Obstetric Hemorrhage: Introduction
Obstetric Hemorrhage: Discharge Abstract Database
Obstetric Hemorrhage: Importance to Patients and Families
Obstetric Hemorrhage: Evidence Informed Practices
Obstetric Hemorrhage: Measures
Obstetric Hemorrhage: Standards and Required Organizational Practices
Obstetric Hemorrhage: Global Patient Safety Alerts
Obstetric Hemorrhage: Success Stories
Obstetric Hemorrhage: References
Obstetric Hemorrhage: Resources
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/Improvement-Resources/Patient-Trauma/ 12 pages
Patient Trauma: Introduction
Patient Trauma: Discharge Abstract Database
Patient Trauma: Importance to Patients and Families
Patient Trauma: Evidence Informed Practices
Patient Trauma: Measures
Patient Trauma: Standards and Required Organizational Practices
Patient Trauma: Global Patient Safety Alerts
Patient Trauma: Success Stories
Patient Trauma: References
Patient Trauma: Resources
Patient Trauma: Appendix A
Patient Trauma: Appendix B
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/Improvement-Resources/Pneumonia/ 10 pages
Pneumonia: Introduction
Pneumonia: Discharge Abstract Database
Pneumonia: Importance to Patients and Families
Pneumonia: Evidence Informed Practices
Pneumonia: Measures
Pneumonia: Standards and Required Organizational Practices
Pneumonia: Global Patient Safety Alerts
Pneumonia: Success Stories
Pneumonia: References
Pneumonia: Resources
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/Improvement-Resources/Pneumothorax/ 9 pages
Pneumothorax: Introduction
Pneumothorax: Discharge Abstract Database
Pneumothorax: Importance to Patients and Families
Pneumothorax: Evidence Informed Practices
Pneumothorax: Measures
Pneumothorax: Global Patient Safety Alerts
Pneumothorax: References
Pneumothorax: Standards and Required Organizational Practices
Pneumothorax: Success Stories
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/Improvement-Resources/Post-Procedural-Infections/ 10 pages
Post Procedural Infections: Introduction
Post Procedural Infections: Discharge Abstract Database
Post Procedural Infections: Importance to Patients and Families
Post Procedural Infections: Evidence Informed Practices
Post Procedural Infections: Measures
Post Procedural Infections: Standards and Required Organizational Practices
Post Procedural Infections: Global Patient Safety Alerts
Post Procedural Infections: Success Stories
Post Procedural Infections: References
Post Procedural Infections: Resources
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/Improvement-Resources/HHI-Pressure-Ulcer/ 10 pages
Pressure Ulcer: Introduction
Pressure Ulcer: Discharge Abstract Database
Pressure Ulcer: Standards and Required Organizational Practices
Pressure Ulcer: Global Patient Safety Alerts
Pressure Ulcer: Success Stories
Pressure Ulcer: References
Pressure Ulcer: Resources
Pressure Ulcer: Importance to Patients and Families
Pressure Ulcer: Evidence Informed Practices
Pressure Ulcer: Measures
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/Improvement-Resources/Sepsis/ 10 pages
Sepsis: Introduction
Sepsis: Discharge Abstract Database
Sepsis: Importance to Patients and Families
Sepsis: Evidence Informed Practices
Sepsis: Measures
Sepsis: Standards and Required Organizational Practices
Sepsis: Global Patient Safety Alerts
Sepsis: Success Stories
Sepsis: References
Sepsis: Resources
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/Improvement-Resources/UTI/ 10 pages
UTI: Introduction
UTI: Discharge Abstract Database
UTI: Importance to Patients and Families
UTI: Evidence Informed Practices
UTI: Measures
UTI: Standards and Required Organizational Practices
UTI: Global Patient Safety Alerts
UTI: Success Stories
UTI: References
UTI: Resources
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/Improvement-Resources/VTEOverview/ 10 pages
Venous Thromboembolism: Introduction
VTE: Global Patient Safety Alerts
VTE: Discharge Abstract Database
VTE: Importance to Patients and Families
VTE: Standards and Required Organizational Practices
VTE: Prevention Success Stories
VTE: References
VTE: Resources
VTE: Evidence Informed Practices
VTE: Measures
/en/toolsResources/Hospital-Harm-Measure/Improvement-Resources/Wound Disruption-Introduction/ 10 pages
Wound Disruption: Introduction
Wound Disruption: Discharge Abstract Database
Wound Disruption: Importance to Patients and Families
Wound Disruption: Evidence Informed Practices
Wound Disruption: Measures
Wound Disruption: Standards and Required Organizational Practices
Wound Disruption: Global Patient Safety Alerts
Wound Disruption: Success Stories
Wound Disruption: References
Wound Disruption: Resources
/en/toolsResources/ImprovementFramework/ 1 pages
Improvement Frameworks Getting Started Kit
/en/toolsResources/IncidentAnalysis/ 3 pages
Incident Analysis
Learning Opportunities
Incident Management Tools
/en/toolsResources/IncidentAnalysis/LearningOpportunities/ 2 pages
Learning Opportunities
Incident Analysis Framework Train-the-Trainer Workshop
/en/toolsResources/Leading-Large-Scale-Change/ 1 pages
Leading Large Scale Change (Reference List)
/en/toolsResources/Measure-Patient-Safety/ 1 pages
Measure Patient Safety, Quality Improvement and Leadership
/en/toolsResources/MedicationBarCodeSystem/ 1 pages
Medication Bar Code System Implementation Planning – a Resource Guide
/en/toolsResources/NeverEvents/ 1 pages
Never Events for Hospital Care in Canada
/en/toolsResources/patientsAndTheirFamilies/ 14 pages
Patient Concern Resolution Process
Alberta Patient Concern Contacts
British Columbia Patient Concern Contacts
Manitoba Patient Concern Contacts
New Brunswick Patient Concern Contacts
Newfoundland and Labrador Patient Concern Contacts
Nova Scotia Patient Concern Contacts
Nunavut Patient Concern Contacts
The Northwest Territories Patient Concern Contacts
Ontario Patient Concern Contacts
Prince Edward Island Patient Concern Contacts
Quebec Patient Concern Contacts
Saskatchewan Patient Concern Contacts
Yukon Patient Concern Contacts
/en/toolsResources/Patient-Engagement-Resources/ 1 pages
Patient Engagement Resources
/en/toolsResources/PatientSafetyIncidentManagementToolkit/ 6 pages
Patient Safety and Incident Management Toolkit
Toolkit Faculty
Toolkit Project Team
Story: Patient Safety Incident Management Toolkit
Resources and Recommended Readings
/en/toolsResources/PatientSafetyIncidentManagementToolkit/IncidentManagement/ 16 pages
Incident Management
Analysis Process
Close the Loop/Share Learning
Follow Through
Immediate Response
Prepare for Analysis
Tools and Recommended Readings: Analysis Process
Tools and Recommended Readings: Close the Loop
Tools and Recommended Readings: Disclosure
Tools and Recommended Readings: Follow Through
Story: Close the Loop/Share Learning
Tools and Recommended Readings: Immediate Response
Story: Immediate Response
Tools and Recommended Readings: Prepare for Analysis
Story: Follow Through
/en/toolsResources/PatientSafetyIncidentManagementToolkit/PatientSafetyManagement/ 9 pages
Patient Safety Management
Before the Incident
Patient Safety Culture
Reporting and Learning Systems
Tools and Recommended Readings: Before the Incident
Tools and Recommended Readings: Patient Safety Culture
Tools and Recommended Readings: Reporting and Learning Systems
Story: Patient Safety Culture
Story: Reporting and Learning Systems
/en/toolsResources/PatientSafetyIncidentManagementToolkit/SystemFactors/ 2 pages
System Factors
Tools and Recommended Readings: System Factors
/en/toolsResources/Patient-Safety-Quality-Priorities-Snap-Shot/ 1 pages
Patient Safety and Quality Priorities for Consortium Participants: A Canadian Snapshot
/en/toolsResources/psm/ 12 pages
Measures: Prevention and Management of Delirium (Delirium)
Patient Safety Metrics
Measures: Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI)
Measures: Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI)
Measures: Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC)
Measures: Reducing Falls and Injury from Falls (Falls)
Measures: Surgical Site Infections (SSI)
Measures: Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)
Measures: Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP)
Measures: Rapid Response Teams (RRT)
Measures: Medication Reconciliation (MedRec)
Measurement Package Frequently Asked Questions
/en/toolsResources/Member-Videos-and-Stories/ 26 pages
Patient Stories
A daughter honours her father through a teaching career in nursing
A fall changed Anne’s life forever
Nurse experiences other side of healthcare during daughter’s illness
‘If something doesn’t feel right, you have to ask the question’
Father’s death fuels quest for healthcare improvement
Circumstances of baby’s death revealed during healthcare collaboration with family
Fervid’s legacy of care lives on through loved ones
Hospital administration changes and an apology brought meaning to Daniel’s life
One woman’s misfortunes show importance of patient voice
One son-in-law’s pursuit to change the system
Palliative experiences of two loved ones continues Carol’s inspiration to advocate for others
Family wishes disclosure guidelines used following teen’s death
Martha’s legacy lives on
Little Mataya gives the gift of change
Baby Sophia helped create policy change
Terri encourages others to strengthen patient and provider teamwork
Vance’s passion for helping others lives on
Claire inspires change after her passing
When providing care, put the patient into perspective
Wife’s death left her husband to fight for changes in primary care
Anesthesia awareness incident makes surgery a nightmare experience
Critically delayed cancer diagnosis reveals gaps in healthcare communication processes
The ability, or lack of it, to engage with patients marks healthcare staff as either “heroes” or “villains” in the eyes of one cancer survivor
Disregard of the patient voice contributed to critical errors in treatment
Lack of mental health care places teenager at risk
/en/toolsResources/Presentations/ 18 pages
Collection of Presentations : Safer Healthcare Now!
Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia - Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections (VAP CLA-BSI) Break Through Collaborative
CLA-BSI Action Series Towards Zero Infections
Safe Surgery Saves Lives Checklist Action Series
Incident Analysis Learning Program (2012)
How the Safe Surgery Checklist is making a difference
Atlantic Region Workshop
Who's on What? Med Rec Workshop
Safer Healthcare Now! Day, 2010
Refuelling your Quality Engine: Sparking Action for Complex Problems
Atlantic Health Quality & Patient Safety Learning Exchange
Safe Surgical Care... Accepting No Less
Atlantic Health Quality and Patient Safety Learning Exchange (2013)
All Aboard the MedRec Train
Canadian Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Audit (2014)
Atlantic Health Quality & Patient Safety Learning Exchange (2015)
Canadian VTE Audit Day - April 10, 2013
Canadian Medication Reconciliation (MedRec) Quality Audit (2015)
/en/toolsResources/Presentations/2012/ 12 pages
2012 Safer Healthcare Now! National Calls
A Tale of Two Facilities - MedRec in the Long Term Care Setting
Proud to be Canadian – The MedRec Story
Patient and Family-Centred Care
Development and Implementation of a MedRec e-BPMH Training Package: The Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Experience
Focusing on Quality MedRec Processes: Saskatoon Health Region’s Approach
Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis for hospitalized patients at risk
MedRec in the Home Care Setting: Sharing Ontario’s Central Community Care and Access Centre’s Success Story
CLA-BSI Updates - Commentary and Controversies
Engaging Physicians in Medication Reconciliation
Falls in Long Term Care With Focus on Fracture
Nurse-Pharmacist Collaboration on Medication Reconciliation: A Novel Approach to Information Management
/en/toolsResources/Presentations/2013/ 19 pages
2013 Safer Healthcare Now! National Calls
The Stepping Stones to MedRec Success
“aC3KTion Net” Knowledge Translation Network
Making a case for medication reconciliation in primary care
Using measurement to drive improvement: New tools to help you succeed
Learning from the Delirium Collaborative
Medication Reconciliation - Recent changes introduced by Accreditation Canada
Webinar - MedRec - A Panel Discussion with Physicians
National VTE Audit Day: Results and Feedback
Falls Prevention/Injury Reduction Getting Started Kit – 2nd Edition – What’s New in Fall Best Practices?
Cuts Like a New Knife - Current Practice and Emerging Evidence in Preventing SSI
A Novel Tool to Assess the Quality of Admission MedRec Processes
Improving Efficiencies in Medication Reconciliation - The McGill Story
Canadian MedRec Quality Audit National Call
Moving From Paper To Electronic Medication Reconciliation
Innovative Approaches to Prevention of Falls - Positive Deviance and Frontline Ownership
Assessing delirium: pragmatics and confounders
The Ten Obstacles to Hand Hygiene
Canadian MedRec Quality Audit Month: Results and Future Direction
/en/toolsResources/Presentations/2014Webinars/ 18 pages
2014 Safer Healthcare Now! National Calls
Got Med Wreck? Targeted Repairs from the Multi-Center Medication Reconciliation Quality Improvement Study (MARQUIS)
Partnering with our patients - Engaging patients, families and caregivers in MedRec to achieve the best and safest care
"How is my resident falling?” - Lessons from videos capture the cause and prevention of falls in older adults long-term care
Continuing the circle of care: MedRec in the Community
Making a PDiF-ference - ​​​Results of the Pharmacy Discharge Facilitator Initiative for high-risk medical inpatients
Safety, Sleuthing and Students: A Novel Collaborative MedRec Event
Using technology to support MedRec: Two hospitals, two approaches
Surviving Sepsis: State of the Art
Fresh from the press: Updated best practices in Surgical Site Infection Prevention
Latest Updates to the Canadian VAP Guidelines - What's New?
MedRec in Ambulatory Care: Highlights from the literature and one hospital’s implementation efforts
The Surgical Safety Checklist; Rhetoric….or are we making a difference?
Infection Prevention and Control Strategies in Home Care and Long Term Care
Preventing Falls While Encouraging Mobility for Older Adults: Research at Toronto Rehab
Scaling up MedRec Measurement – Experiences from Alberta
National VTE Audit Day: Results and Feedback
/en/toolsResources/Presentations/2015Webinars/ 19 pages
2015 Safer Healthcare Now! National Calls
February 2015 is MedRec Quality Audit Month: What You Need to Know to Participate
Engaging with Clinicians by Creating Highly Adoptable Improvement: Relevance to Medication Reconciliation
Falls Prevention & Management: A New Tool To Help With Process Improvement (ACUTE & LONG TERM CARE)
Falls Prevention Management A New Tool To Help With Process Improvement (HOMECARE)
Supporting Safe and Seamless Care Transitions
Call to Action: Canadian Falls Prevention Audit Month April 2015
Canadian MedRec Quality Audit Month 2015 - Results
Nutrition Without Harm: Feeding the Critically Ill Patient
When Disaster Strikes: Planning the response for Home and Community Care
Your Patient Had A VTE – What Went Wrong?
When caring hurts; helping helpers heal
Increase Your SSI Data Collection Efficiency
Man vs. Machine -- A new approach to hand hygiene auditing
Beyond the Audit: Measuring MedRec Processes for Quality Improvement
Canadian Falls Prevention Audit Month 2015 - Results
Home Care Getting Started Kit Launch
Your Discharge is Someone’s Admission
ICU - National Intiative 2016-2017 Topic Selection Webinar
/en/toolsResources/Presentations/2016-Calls/ 8 pages
2016 Webcasts
Webcast: Hand Hygiene – not just for healthcare providers anymore!
Redesigning the Transition Experience: Co-ordinating Patient Focused MedRec Across All Sectors
Patients and Family as Full Partners of the Healthcare Team
Results from Canadian SSI Prevention Audit
The Safe Surgery Checklist More than just a good catch
Safer Healthcare Now! Measurement Now & Into the Future
Preventing Surgical Site Infections…. What’s so sweet about glycemic control?
/en/toolsResources/Presentations/FallsAuditReport2015/ 1 pages
Canadian Falls Quality Audit: April, 2015
/en/toolsResources/Presentations/PreviousEvents/ 1 pages
Previous Events
/en/toolsResources/Questions-Are-the-Answer/ 1 pages
Questions Are the Answer
/en/toolsResources/Research/ 2 pages
Current Competitions
/en/toolsResources/Research/PatientSafetyPartnershipProjects/ 1 pages
Canadian Patient Safety Institute Partnership Projects
/en/toolsResources/Research/commissionedResearch/ 1 pages
Commissioned Research
/en/toolsResources/Research/commissionedResearch/PaediatricAdverseEvents/ 1 pages
Canadian Paediatric Adverse Events Study
/en/toolsResources/Research/commissionedResearch/IncidentAnalysisMethodPilotStudy/ 1 pages
Concise Incident Analysis Method Pilot Study
/en/toolsResources/Research/commissionedResearch/EconomicsofPatientSafety/ 2 pages
Economics of Patient Safety
Research Results
/en/toolsResources/Research/commissionedResearch/HarmtoHealing/ 2 pages
Harm to Healing – Partnering with Patients Who Have Been Harmed
Research Results
/en/toolsResources/Research/commissionedResearch/patientSafetyinEMS/ 2 pages
Research Results
Patient Safety in Emergency Medical Services Research Paper
/en/toolsResources/Research/commissionedResearch/mentalHealthAndPatientSafety/ 2 pages
Research Results
Patient Safety in Mental Health
/en/toolsResources/Research/commissionedResearch/primaryCare/ 2 pages
Patient Safety in Primary Care Background Research Paper
Research Results: Patient Safety in Primary Care
/en/toolsResources/Research/commissionedResearch/PatientClientSafetyinHomeCare/ 2 pages
Patient/Client Safety in Home Care in Canada
Research Results
/en/toolsResources/Research/commissionedResearch/postMarketingSurveillance/ 2 pages
Research Results
Post-Marketing Surveillance of Drug Safety
/en/toolsResources/Research/commissionedResearch/SafetyatHome/ 1 pages
Safety at Home: A Pan-Canadian Home Care Study
/en/toolsResources/Research/commissionedResearch/SafetyinHomeCare/ 5 pages
Safety in Home Care
Research Results: Safety in Home Care: Broadening the Patient Safety Agenda to Include Home Care Services
Research Results: Lang
Research Results: Doran
Research Results : MacDonald
/en/toolsResources/Research/commissionedResearch/SafetyinLongTermCareSettings/ 2 pages
Safety in Long-Term Care Settings
Research Results
/en/toolsResources/Research/cpsiResearchCompetitions/ 1 pages
CPSI Research Competition Results
/en/toolsResources/Research/cpsiResearchCompetitions/2014ResearchCompetition/ 1 pages
2014-2015 Research Competition: Small Scale Pilot Study For Patient Safety Innovation
/en/toolsResources/Research/cpsiResearchCompetitions/2015CPSIResearchCompetition/ 1 pages
2015-2016 CPSI Research Competition: The transition from the emergency department into home care (Trans-ED-HC) project: A mixed methods study of patterns of patient safety events and transition processes
/en/toolsResources/Research/cpsiResearchCompetitions/2016/ 1 pages
2016 – 2017 CPSI Research Competition
/en/toolsResources/Research/studentships/ 3 pages
2013-2014 Patient Safety Studentships
2014-2015 Patient Safety Studentships
/en/toolsResources/ReasearcherintheRoom/ 4 pages
Researcher in the Room Webinar Series
Promoting Real-time Improvements in Safety for the Elderly
Spotlight on Students
Paediatric Patient Safety
/en/toolsResources/Sepsis-GSK/ 6 pages
Sepsis: Prevention, Early Identification and Response: Getting Started Kit Components
Section 1: Prevention, Early Identification and Response
Section 2: Pediatric Sepsis
Section 3: Maternal Sepsis
Section 4: Technical Descriptions and Data Screens
Section 5: Sample Checklists and Tools
/en/toolsResources/shift-to-teamwork/ 1 pages
SHIFT to teamwork, communication and patient safety culture
/en/toolsResources/Speakers-Bureau/ 6 pages
Speakers’ Bureau
Derek Feeley
Christopher Hayes
Amir Ginzburg, MD FRCPC
Deborah E. Prowse, Q.C.
Dr. Peter Pisters
/en/toolsResources/SuicideRisk/ 2 pages
Inventory and Resource Guide Development for the Assessment and Prevention of Suicide Risk
Advisory Group
/en/toolsResources/Surgical-Safety-in-Canada/ 1 pages
Surgical Safety in Canada: A 10-year review of CMPA and HIROC medico-legal data
/en/toolsResources/teamworkCommunication/ 2 pages
Canadian Framework for Teamwork and Communication
/en/toolsResources/SSI-Audit-2016/ 2 pages
The Canadian Surgical Site Infection Prevention Audit - Results
Canadian Surgical Site Infection Prevention Audit Methodology
/en/toolsResources/safetyCompetencies/ 7 pages
Frequently Asked Questions
Safety Competencies - Steering Committee
Safety Competencies - Working Group Members
Safety Competencies Conference
The Safety Competencies
Resources and Links
/en/toolsResources/VTE-Getting-Started-Components/ 9 pages
Venous Thromboembolism Prevention (VTE): Getting Started Kit Components
Section 1: Rationale for VTE Prophylaxis
Section 2: Evidence-Based Appropriate VTE Prophylaxis
Section 3: Adherence to VTE Prophylaxis
Section 4: A Formal Process to VTE Prophylaxis Quality Improvement – The 10 Steps
Section 5: VTE Prophylaxis Improvement Guide
Section 6: Measurement and the VTE Improvement Program
Section 7: Measurement – Technical Descriptions
Section 8: Appendices
/en/toolsResources/StopCleanYourHandsDayWebinarSeries/ 8 pages
Webinar Series
Ten barriers to hand hygiene
Patient Involvement in Hand Hygiene
Patient and Visitor Involvement: The Hand Hygiene Missing Link?
Hand Hygiene Measurement and Patient Safety Metrics
Call to Action: Canadian Hand Hygiene Audit Event
Refresher course: How to conduct hand hygiene observations
Presentation of Findings from the Canadian Hand Hygiene Audit Event
/en/toolsResources/Weight-Based-Dosing-Summary-SSI/ 1 pages
Weight-Based Dosing Summary: Physician Support Tool
/en/Topic/ 39 pages
Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI)
Home Care Safety
Mental Health
Patient, Family, Caregiver
Community Based Care
Patient Safety Incident
Antimicrobial Resistance
Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE)
Central Line Infections (CLI)
Clostridium difficile
Hand Hygiene
Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureaus
Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci (VRE)
Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP)
Best Possible Medication History
Medication Management
Medication Incident
Medication Reconciliation (MedRec)
Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)
Post procedure infections
Procedure Associated Conditions
Retained Foreign Object
Surgical Incidents
Surgical Site Infection (SSI)
Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC)
Surgical Care Safety
Medication Safety
General Patient Safety
Rapid Response Teams (RRT)
Surgical Safety Checklist