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11/3/2010 6:00 PM

​​​​​​​Safer Healthcare Now! in partnership with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute invites you to register as a participant in Canada’s Hand Hygiene Challenge  to deliver the safest care possible through optimal hand hygiene practices. The former ‘Hand Hygiene Campaign’ has been updated to align with existing evidence and is being re-launched as Canada’s Hand Hygiene Challenge.
This new approach features new and updated toolkits with four main components:

  • Hand Hygiene Toolkit: Revised from the earlier version, this toolkit is based on the “Four Moments” of effective hand hygiene, providing participants with a variety of tools and promotional materials to develop and sustain optimal hand hygiene.
  • Human Factors Toolkit: This new component provides four specific tools to optimize hand hygiene programs. By using these tools organizations can apply the concepts learned from current research regarding the human factors that influence hand hygiene compliance.
  • Patient and Family Guide: Newly developed for Canada’s Hand Hygiene Challenge, this guide provides useful information to reinforce the important role patients and their families play in effective hand hygiene practice.
  • On-Line Learning module: Over 14,000 healthcare workers in Canada have completed the initial version of this highly successful module.  The revised version is again based on the ‘Four Moments’ and takes about 15 minutes for users to complete.

For more information, or to download or order these materials visit