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​​What is The Patient Safety Education Program?

The Patient Safety Education Program – Canada is a patient safety curriculum that is shared over a 2 day educational event (Become a Patient Safety Trainer conference) that certifies members of interprofessional teams as patient safety trainers. Designed to help you strengthen internal capacity and grow quality improvement and patient safety initiatives, it is built on a train-the-training-team model that provides a peer-to-peer education framework.

When are the upcoming Become a Patient Safety Trainer (BPST) conferences being offered? 

For a listing of our upcoming conferences please visit our Become a Patient Safety Trainer Conference page. 

If your organization is interested in partnering with CPSI to host a session in your area please contact Joan Fernandez at 613-738-9130 or send an email to

Who should attend the Become a Patient Safety Trainer conference?

Healthcare professionals who have a role in implementing quality and patient safety practices in their healthcare communities and have a desire to enhance their applied knowledge of patient safety and quality concepts. Participants generally attend in teams from their organization; the teams include at minimum one physician, one nurse or other healthcare professional, and one healthcare administrator or individual with accountability for patient safety within the organization.

The conference also includes a one hour, post-conference executive session webinar for a senior leader accountable for quality and patient safety within the organization. CEO’s, senior VP’s, or CMO’s, or a delegate, are required to attend the executive session webinar.

Are there eligibility requirements for participants?

To be eligible for participation in the “Become a Patient Safety Trainer” conference, applicants must have a commitment from an executive leader in their organization, as well as have support at the executive level for dissemination within their home organization. Team based attendance is preferred, however, individual applicants may be considered for the program

What will I learn by attending a Become a Patient Safety Trainer conference?

You will learn both core patient safety content, and effective teaching approaches. Participants are exposed to a variety of education techniques based on adult learning principles including interactive lecture, role play and audio-visual clinical case vignettes. Through a concluding action planning exercise, teams, along with their executive leader, are invited to formulate or align improvement ideas that integrate and leverage the PSEP Canada curriculum to current organizational priorities.

What tools and resources will be available to participants attending the conference?

At the conclusion of the conference, PSEP Canada Patient Safety Trainers are certified to teach the core curriculum and are equipped to effectively teach their colleagues using the provided PSEP Canada Curricular package including a hard-copy Participant’s Handbook, Trainer’s Guide and presentation slides on CD, and clinical case vignettes on DVD. Through the PSEP Canada Community of Practice, Patient Safety trainers have access to updated curriculum materials, video vignettes and ongoing WebEx learning events as well as a virtual forum to continue the conversations.

How can we register a team for one of the upcoming PSEP Canada conferences?

Please visit our Registration page for more information.

What is the tuition fee to attend a Become a Patient Safety Trainer conference?

$1,250 per participant plus applicable taxes. This is a non-profit cost recovery model.

Are we limited to only three team members, plus our executive sponsor attendance?

You are welcome to send as many team members from your organization as you think you need to support implementation. In our previous sessions, larger acute care tertiary centers sometimes chose to send two to three teams each representing different services, for example mental health or obstetrics.

Do the Become a Patient Safety Trainer conferences only focus on the acute care hospital sector?

With 4 plenary sessions and 9 modules that underpin core patient safety concepts, the PSEP Canada curriculum offers foundational content that easily transfers to all sectors and healthcare delivery organizations. In our previous learning sessions we had teams attending from rehabilitation, complex continuing care, primary care and mental health sectors.

Where can I find out more information about PSEP Canada?

Email, or phone Joan Fernandez at 613-738-9130.