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Denise is currently the Quality & Patient Safety Manager with the Office of Adverse Events at the Department of Health and Community Services, Newfoundland and Labrador. Her responsibilities include providing guidance to the regional health authorities in the areas of occurrence management and patient safety, and providing provincial oversight for the electronic occurrence reporting system. Denise has diverse work experience in several of the regional health authorities and the college system where she has used her expertise in adult education, facilitation and patient safety to identify patient safety concerns and implement initiatives to enhance quality of care.

Vision for patient safety in Canada:

My vision for patient safety is to have all levels of healthcare organizations articulate their patient safety indicators as clearly as they can communicate their budget issues. It is important to both measure and manage patient safety indicators, as this helps to ensure that healthcare organizations are not only aware of their patient safety issues, but are also knowledgeable about what is happening to improve patient safety.

Vision for patient safety education in Canada:

My vision for patient safety education is to have all members of the healthcare team consistently use standardized tools and language to achieve clearly defined patient safety goals. This will help reduce the risk of adverse events and enhance the quality of health care provided to all Canadians.