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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Take an inter-professional team approach to improving patient safety skills, planning patient safety education, and aligning with quality improvement initiatives in your organization.

The Patient Safety Education Program – Canada (PSEP – Canada) is a two-day educational event that certifies members of inter-professional teams as patient safety trainers. Designed to help you strengthen internal capacity and grow quality improvement and patient safety initiatives, it is built on a train-the-training-team model that provides a peer-to-peer education framework.

With an emphasis on creativity and excellence in educational techniques, the PSEP – Canada conference is delivered by well-respected quality and patient safety healthcare professionals and educators from across Canada and focuses on:

  • Applying human factors in the workplace
  • Scientific methods for improving safety
  • Organizational culture and dealing with change
  • Understanding teamwork
  • Moving beyond blame to systems thinking
  • How to teach and implement patient safety

Inter-professional teams should include:

  • A physician, a nurse or other allied health professional, and an administrator responsible for quality and patient safety
  • A senior executive from the organization, who is required to sponsor the team and to participate in a one-hour, post-conference executive session webinar

Visit our Become a Patient Safety Trainer conference page for more information.


Specific adult learning methods are used to teach the content and to teach participants how they can teach it to others. Participants must attend a Become a Patient Safety Trainer education conference. The train-the-training-team portion of the curriculum is grounded in adult learning theory and embedded into social structures to facilitate behaviour change. Learn more about the curriculum design.


Participants who complete the program will be certified as PSEP – Canada trainers and will be equipped with a full patient safety education curriculum, including trigger tape vignettes, case-based learning tools, and customizable presentations. Participants also engage in organizational team action planning, leaving the learning event with concrete implementation plans. Enrol today!

Engage frontline professionals and take your organization’s quality and patient safety culture to the next level. Register your inter-professional team now!

For more information, contact us at or 1-866-421-6933.