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Senior Program Manager

Ioana Popescu provides leadership and management to the design, development, execution and evaluation of CPSI programs and networks, including Incident Analysis and Patients for Patient Safety Canada.   Ioana also contributes to corporate processes with a focus on performance management.

Nursing and business management are the two pillars on which Ioana has built her passion for patient safety. She worked over a decade as a nurse in an internal medicine ward of a large teaching hospital in Romania. Her extensive front line experience was enriched by an MBA degree (University of Alberta) and an internship with the former Capital Health Regional Quality Office. Additionally, as of February 2011, Ioana is a Palladium Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard Certified Graduate.

Alignment is the guiding principle in Ioanas work; she believes that sustainable value is the result of continuous alignment of objectives with evolving customer needs, system dynamics, internal competencies and strategic direction. Curiosity is the guiding driver in her life; she finds answers and solutions in the most unusual places drawing learning from the beautiful nature and wonderful people surrounding her.