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Safe healthcare for all Canadians.


To inspire extraordinary improvement in patient safety and quality.

Established by Health Canada in 2003, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) works with governments, health organizations, leaders, and healthcare providers to inspire extraordinary improvement in patient safety and quality. We are:

  • Advocates, creating new conversations about patient safety through papers and commissioned research
  • Catalysts, providing the capital to generate, introduce, and promote new ideas, products, and tools
  • Integrators, co-investing and aligning policy, systems, and patients’ needs through measurement, asking, listening, and talking
  • Brokers, leveraging the system through formal and informal organizational alliances
  • Promoters, celebrating patient safety and transferring knowledge to others

What We Do

We develop evidence-informed products, provide excellent stewardship of resources, ensure clear and open communication, deliver measurable results, celebrate the successes of our partners, nurture successful partnerships, and are passionate about safe healthcare for all Canadians. We:

  • Help your patient safety and quality initiatives grow
  • Work with your agenda to coordinate efforts
  • Listen to the system, catalyze change, launch new ideas, and invest in promising developments
  • Spotlight patient safety issues

CPSI customizes patient safety and quality products and services for the frontline, middle managers, senior leaders, and boards. Safer Healthcare Now! is our flagship program, providing tools and resources for frontline healthcare providers. Effective Governance for Quality and Patient Safety and the Patient Safety Education Project–Canada support the healthcare system at all levels.

Our Strategic Goals

The National Integrated Patient Safety Strategy, is the overarching strategic goal of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, and will provide a framework and leadership for identifying priorities.  Learn more about Patient Safety Forward with Four which aims to align patient safety in Canada and focuses on four goals and four areas of focus. 

Our four goals to move us forward are:

  1. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute will provide leadership on the establishment of a National Integrated Patient Safety Strategy.
  2. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute will inspire and sustain patient safety knowledge within the system, and through innovation, enable transformational change.
  3. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute will build and influence patient safety capability (knowledge and skills) at organizational and system levels.
  4. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute will engage all audiences across the health system in the national patient safety agenda.


In 2002 the National Steering Committee on Patient Safety published the report Building a Safer System.  The report outlined a national, integrated strategy for improving patient safety in the Canadian healthcare system which named establishing the Canadian Patient Safety Institute as its number one recommendation. As a result of this work, Health Canada supported the creation and the funding of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.   Read the report, Building a Safer System, to see where CPSI’s journey to create a safer healthcare system began.​