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CPSI Share                                                  
6/27/2017 6:00 PM

As part of the IPAC IAP, CPSI is actively addressing the goal of improving infection prevention and control using strategies known to improve behaviour and culture. This has been accomplished through a national campaign aimed at public, patients and providers, focusing on raising awareness and promoting behaviour change. As part of this work, CPSI has hosted with our partners, the annual Stop! Clean Your Hands Day campaign for Canada. 

The theme for STOP! Clean Your Hands Day, May 2017, was: Ask Yourself…

Making a change to your behaviour can be as simple as asking yourself a question and understanding that change doesn't need to be a burden. Small, incremental changes can lead to big things. Not only can you improve your own practices, you're setting a great, easy to follow example for everyone around you!


Whether you're a patient, provider, or work in a healthcare setting – if you're involved in the healthcare system, take the time to have a conversation with yourself and ask what you can change today to improve for tomorrow.

The campaign boasted a multifaceted engagement platform including a national webinar "Making it stick: when asking, telling and begging just isn't enough", sold out with 383 attendees, a social media tending quiz entitled "How Clean are Your Hands", aimed at raising hand hygiene awareness for providers and the public, and a video competition focused on the theme of Ask Yourself. Of the 18 videos submitted from across Canada, we are pleased to report submissions from patients and families.