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CPSI Share                                                  
4/9/2018 6:00 PM

Since September, a monthly webinar series MedSafety Exchange has been ongoing to further advance our collective goal to more broadly share error-prevention strategies based on learning from medication safety incident reports. The complimentary series, hosted by ISMP Canada, allows attendees to connect with colleagues from across Canada to share, learn and discuss incident reports, trends and emerging issues. The six-part pilot series promoted the sharing of specific incidents by stakeholders in the field, highlighted system level medication safety initiatives and included an observatory component where partners such as Health Canada and the Canadian Institute for Health Information shared regulatory and data trending updates for attendees. Evaluations of the pilot have been positive in promoting learning throughout Canada and planning is underway to continue the series in mid-2018.

Opioid safety continues to be an important priority among healthcare organizations in Canada. Two new tools of note include an information card that provides easy to follow guidance on the safe storage and disposal of opioids in the home. The second is a handout to assist patients who have recently been prescribed an opioid following surgery. Common questions are addressed to ensure that patients, families and caregivers have a thorough understanding of how to take these medications properly and safely.

With the completion of these actions, the Medication Safety Action Plan will officially be completed by the end of March. The successes wouldn't have been possible without the commitment and determination of the many stakeholders from the onset at the Medication Safety Summit in 2014 until now. Medication safety will continue to be a priority for the years to come and CPSI is looking forward to continuing to further communicate and disseminate the tools and resources developed from the action plan and contribute to new priorities that emerge.​