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CPSI Share                                                  
3/8/2017 5:00 PM

Over 25% of the Actions contained in the Patient Safety Education Action Plan have been started.  Overall, at the end of December 2016, the Patient Safety Action Plan is close to 20% completed.



As part of discussions held on nature and scope of this work, the Patient Safety Action Plan team has leaned heavily on recommendations that came out of the Free from Harm Report (2015).  Their main recommendation being, in order for patient safety culture to be influenced and have impact, senior leaders need to have specific knowledge and training. Based on this, an extensive e-scan is underway with significant leadership by HIROC. In addition, a straw dog for a patient safety culture bundle for senior leaders, has been developed. CPSI will coordinate an in-person working group meeting in the early spring to advance the progress on the bundle

With the goal of advancing PSQI content into curriculum both within the academic setting and practice environment, the co-leads are developing a competency-based PSQI content framework (curriculum map).  The content will be mapped to existing PS competency based frameworks such as CPSI SCF, CanMeds, HQCA, and others.  This work is being lead by representatives from SIM-one, the Canadian Medical Protective Association, the University of Calgary, Queens University and Health Quality Council of Alberta.  We will host a working group meeting March/April with the larger working group to ascertain expert feedback on the map to date.