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CPSI Share                                                  
6/27/2017 6:00 PM

Consortium actions are well underway.  As of March 31, 2017, almost all actions are completed (88%) and two actions remain but are in progress (13%). 

The Consortium is proud to have championed the development of the Patient Engagement Guide.  This is an action that came out of the National Consortium's action plan and the guide will be valuable to the ongoing work that organizations across the country are doing in the advancement of patient engagement.


The Steering Committee of the National Patient Safety Consortium would also like to thank two patient representatives who have contributed immensely to their work.  Denise Klavano and Sharon Nettleton were instrumental members of this group.  As the co-chairs for Patients for Patient Safety Canada they brought a unique and crucial perspective to the committee.  As Sharon and Denise move on from their roles as the co-chairs for Patients for Patient Safety Canada the Steering Committee will be pleased to welcome their successors as new participants in the group.

A key element of the National Patient Safety Consortium Action plan is an evaluation of their work, and that the work contained in the Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan.  This evaluation is well underway.  Through the leadership of Dr. San Ng and Jean Trimnell, Vision & Results Inc is conducting a thorough evaluation.  Thus far, CPSI staff, Steering Committee members, Leads Groups, patients, and Action Teams have been interviewed.  An online survey is also currently seeking feedback from partners and participants.  Preliminary results will be shared in October 2017.