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NEW! Take With Questions Quiz

Welcome patients and healthcare providers to the test of your medication safety expertise. Below, we offer you a chance to challenge your knowledge on proper medication safety. Can you reach the top tier of patient and provider excellence? Take the quiz and find out!

The Take with Questions Quiz: Patient Edition

Patients, before you take your meds, take this quiz and put your knowledge of medication safety to the test. What kind of patient are you? Are you a Unicorn patient – legend has it you exist, but few health practitioners will ever encounter one of your kind in the course of their careers.  Or are you a Daredevil patient?  Living on the edge is for daredevils and lion tamers, not patients.  Have fun with the quiz!  Play it again and improve your ranking.  And don't forget to share with friends on social media.    

The Take with Questions Quiz: Healthcare Provider Edition

Healthcare providers, before your patients take their meds, take this quiz and put your knowledge of medication safety to the test.  As a healthcare provider are you providing the safest care for your patients? Find out your medication safety level when you take the quiz. Will you be honored with the Golden Stethoscope, or the Bronze Defibrillator?  Either way, have fun with the quiz and share with your colleagues! 

For patients and healthcare providers, you can share your quiz results with your friends, family, colleagues and staff by following #asklistentalk on Twitter and Facebook to see how you all rank against each other. ​