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Developed for Canadian Patient Safety Week, the PATIENT podcast series explores medication safety through a nonfiction medical drama about the people trying to fix modern healthcare fr​​om the inside out.

PATIENT podcast is a non-fiction medical drama through the eyes of the patient. Every thirteen minutes someone in our country will die due to medical error. PATIENT is a show about the people trying to change that system. It's a deep dive into the emerging field of patient safety, where medicine, design, and politics converge.​

On the first season of PATIENT, we focus on medication and the power of a prescription.


Episode 1: Heartbeat

When Martha Murray died, it was a shock to everyone that knew her. For months, no one contacted them, or got back to them with an autopsy report. Later, Martha's death was classified as one by natural causes.  Maryann, Martha's mother, was not convinced. She began gathering her medical history to prevent this from happening again. Join us on this episode of PATIENT to see how Maryann Murray unraveled the mystery behind her daughter's death, and to see how she is continuing the fight for proper medical testing and reporting.

Episode 2: Opioid

This is a story told in two parts: The first is of a national epidemic. It's a story of 19 million prescriptions, 2500 deaths and a country that ranks second globally in per capita opioid use. The other is of a person whose experiences illustrate just why this epidemic is so hard to solve. Find out more about the who, what, where, when, and why about opioids, and learn just how vicious the opioid use cycle can be for people on this episode of PATIENT.

Episode 3​​: ​Activist​

Terri Sabo was caught in a vicious cycle. She was told that she was in heart failure, but as she journeyed through the healthcare system, she learned that her medication regimen was mishandled. She got worse, then better, then she got worse again. Terri knew that this was a cycle she had to break, and turned her anguish and suffering towards creating activism towards proper diagnosis and safe care Find out the rest of Terri's story and how she eventually became on advocate for the patient voice in her role as Co-Chair of Patients For Patient Safety Canada through this episode of PATIENT