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10/30/2017 2:00 AM 10/30/2017 3:00 AM Webcast

Date: October 30
Time: 10am ET

You're invited to join the National Conversation: Implementing Safer, More Efficient Care. The event begins with a plenary session broadcast live across the country on October 30th at 10 am ET, at the Alberta Health Services' Quality and Safety Summit in Edmonton, AB. The National Conversation is presented as a partnership between the Canadian College of Health Leaders, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and GS1 Canada.

The plenary session will feature presentations by:

  • Dr. Anne Snowdon, Chair, World Health Innovation Network, Scientific Director & CEO, SCAN Health, Odette School of Business, University of Windsor
  • Dr. Verna Yiu, President and CEO, Alberta Health Services
  • Deb Prowse, Alberta Health Advocate

The event will be moderated by Ray Racette, President and CEO, Canadian College of Health Leaders, and Chris Power, CEO, Canadian Patient Safety Institute. Topics to be addressed in the plenary include:

  • the importance of creating safe care environments,
  • the urgency of implementing supply chain reforms,
  • barcoding and tracking to prevent errors,
  • the role of senior leadership in supporting patient safety and the creation of safe care cultures.

After inspiring ideas and stimulating dialogue during the virtual plenary session, the audience is encouraged to continue the conversation locally and begin to develop solutions to the issues addressed that are actionable and make sense within the context of that locale.  The end goal is take the feedback from the local discussions and to form a white paper.

Here's how you can get involved in three easy steps:

  1. Click here to register for the plenary session via live webcast on October 30th. At the same time, you will be able to test your system to ensure you will be able to successfully stream the plenary session. When registering for the event, acknowledge that you want to receive future communications about future conversations, as well as on-going information about "the movement"

  2. Plan to watch the plenary session with colleagues. The more the merrier! This will rouse a much richer and livelier conversation at the local level.
  3. Participate in one of the many local conversations, so you can have your opinions captured and you can collaborate with your peer group. The details of your local discussion so that it can be shared with the larger group and everyone can benefit from your bright ideas!