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​​​​​​May 5, 2016

It's time for patients and providers to come together for clean hands – STOP​​! Clean Your Hands​ Day returns Thursday, May 5, 2016.

This year, we want patient and providers to come together like never before so we're making Patient and Provider Engagement the theme for STOP! Clean Your Hands Day. This theme will be woven into all of the activities we have planned this year, including a free small package of materials, a pledge campaign and a webinar on May 5.

We’re very excited about the contents of this year’s package. This year is all about patient and provider engagement and we think these stickers and postcards are the perfect way to get people talking. We’re also including materials from our sponsor, GOJO, as well as copies of our award-winning Hands in Healthcare magazine. Quantities are limited to so order yours now! ​

Don't forget to register for our May 5 webinar (this is a separate step from the STOP! Clean Your Hands Day registration above). Our sponsor GOJO is giving away 100 Hand Hygiene mini-kits to webinar attendees chosen at random so register today and join us May 5.

I pledge to clean my hands. Do you?

Sounds easy enough, but do you have what it takes to announce it to the world and follow through?

We're calling on everyone involved in healthcare in some way, shape, or form, to take our STOP! Clean Your Hands Day

Pledge in two easy steps:

  1. Use the #pledgecleanhands hashtag on your social media platform of choice May 5, 2016 to demonstrate your commitment to hand hygiene excellence. Bonus points if you include a photo!
  2. Clean your hands!

That's it! Encourage your colleagues or organization to #pledgecleanhands on May 5 and let's see if we can get it trending.

Don't forget to register for STOP! Clean Your Hands Day to receive your free package of materials, includi​ng 200 #pledgecleanhands stickers to spread the message throughout your organization.

If you're not on social media, don't worry. Use our WooBox app below to take the pledge. You can also view a gallery of all the pledges submitted.

STOP! Clean Your Hands Day continues to grow each and every year, all thanks to your efforts and commitment to hand hygiene. We look forward to celebrating our collective clean hands with you again this year!

Click here for hand hygiene and infection prevention and control resources from the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.

Click here for hand hygiene resources from the World Health Organization.

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