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Quiet on the set! ACTION!

The theme for the STOP! Clean Your Hands Day Video Competition is Ask Yourself…

We're looking for creative and original video submissions featuring the important questions you ask yourself to make sure the care you provide is the safest possible. Every video we receive will be uploaded to the Canadian Patient Safety Institute's YouTube channel.

All valid entries will be eligible to win one of two prizes. The grand prize will be awarded to the top video as chosen by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. A secondary prize will be awarded to the top video chosen by members of the public based on the number of views the video receives on CPSI's YouTube channel. Specific prizes have yet to be determined.

Video submissions must:

  • Be submitted by Friday,​ April 21, 2017
  • Be no more than five minutes in length
  • Be submitted in Windows Media Player or MP4 format

If any entries fail to meet the above criteria, you will have the opportunity to make any necessary changes provided the video is still submitted by the deadline. Every video submitted will go through an approval process before being made public. You will be notified once your video passes the approval process.

For more information, please email us at