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English and French entries are accepted between February​ 21 and April 15, 2017. All applicants must complete all required fields in the nomination form, including: contact information, project or initiative description, and detailed explanation for each judging criteria as indicated.

Rules and regulations​

  1. Patients for Patient Safety Canada members ARE only eligible for the Patient Safety Champion Award for work they do outside of their roles with Patients for Patient Safety Canada. ​
  2. Only one nomination per person is accepted. If more than one is submitted only the first entry will be judged
  3. Self-nominations are not accepted.
  4. Those nominated for previous awards can be nominated again after two years and if the initiative/ project is different than what was previously submitted
  5. All nominations will be submitted online using the official nomination form by April 15​​, 2017. The content submitted must be original and the nominee notified by the person submitting the nomination. All fields must be completed or will be considered ineligible. Accepted nominations may be asked to supply additional supporting materials.  All nominations are subject to verification by the Award Panel. The decision of the Award Panel is final.  All materials become the property of the partners and will not be returned. Application specific feedback will not be provided.
  6. By submitting the nomination, you give the award organizers the right to publish your name, the nominee's name and submitted content on any of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute or HealthCareCAN websites.
  7. The top three candidates in each category will be profiled and all qualified and verified nominees will appear on any of the partner websites and may be asked to provide additional resources such as photographs, logos, images or video and/or be interviewed for an article. 
  8. Award recipients must arrange to be present at the ceremony. Travel, accommodation and event registration will be covered for each winner (according to CPSI's travel policy).  In the case of the patient/family volunteer  award, one additional guest will also be eligible for travel and accommodation.
  9. Award recipients must agree to present about their work and its impact at a webinar organized by the partners in December 2016; the exact date and time will be mutually agreed on by award recipients and partners.


    • Nominations deadline: April 15, 2017 at 12:00 AM Eastern Time
    • Award ceremony: June​ 12-13, 2017
    • Webinar with winners: date to be determined

Evaluation and Award Panel

The following steps will be taken to evaluate the submissions:

  1. Eligibility scanning – a team of two individuals will review all entries and eliminate any that are incomplete or out of scope.
  2. Selection of top candidates/ category – an Award Panel will review all eligible entries to identify the top candidates.
  3. The criteria used for judging the patient/family volunteer nominations include:
    • Impact: demonstrate how the patient/family contribution to the initiative lead to identifiable or measureable improvements in patient safety outcomes  
    • Engagement: describe the way(s) in which the patient/family engaged effectively and collaboratively with other members of the team. 
    • Spread and sustainability: demonstrate that the role played by the patient/family as part of the team and the successes and lessons learned are or can be shared and/or spread to other patient/family volunteers or other areas of the organization and externally. 
    • Innovation: describe how the patient/family contributed to developing, adapting or adopting new and innovative approaches, including approaches to patient engagement and patient-centred care, which improved patient safety.   
  4. The criteria used for judging the team/organization nominations include:
    • Impact: demonstrate using quantitative and/or qualitative evidence and details how the project or initiative has resulted in identifiable or measureable change in patient safety outcomes (in relation to the objectives of the initiative).
    • Engagement: describe the techniques for engagement, collaboration and partnership with patients/families employed throughout the initiative. 
    • Spread and sustainability: demonstrate how the initiative, its results and the engagement techniques used are or will be sustained (there is a sustainability plan), and how they are or can be replicated and/or spread to other areas of the organization and externally. 
    • Innovation: describe how this project or initiative is innovative in developing, adapting or adopting new approaches that improved patient safety through patient and family centred care and patient engagement.   

If the Award Panel needs more information the person who submitted the nomination will be contacted. ​

For questions about the 2017 Patient Safety Champion Awards, please contact us