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As a leader in patient safety, CPSI has developed world-class programs to help individuals and organizations ensure that patients are not harmed during care. The following programs are available to anyone. They include useful tools and resources that can be applied in any organization, as well as knowledge that will contribute to a transformation in healthcare.

​Safer Healthcare Now! provides healthcare providers with interventions known to reduce avoidable harm.

Global Patient Safety Alerts are a way to share information from around the world. Organizations dedicated to quality care share knowledge, evidence, and analysis to help everyone improve patient safety.

Patients for Patient Safety Canada is a patient-led program that ensures that the voice of patients and their families is heard. It allows patients and families to contribute when decisions about patient safety and quality improvement are being made.

Stop! Clean Your Hands is Canada's ​hand hygiene challenge. It is designed to improve hand hygiene practices and compliance in organizations.