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Theresa (Fregeau) Sabo

Theresa has been a member of Patients for Patient Safety Canada since 2009, advocating for patients to take an active role in their healthcare plans and promoting better communications and teamwork between family doctors, specialists and other members of a patient's healthcare team. 

In 2000, after a year of misdiagnoses, Theresa went into heart failure and was diagnosed with Chronic Heart Disease caused by the common flu virus – a disease both her mother and grandmother had died from before either of them had reached the age of 40. Within two years, she had fully recovered and was removed from the heart transplant list.

An error in treatment two years after recovery brought her right back to where she had started. Today, Theresa's heart only pumps with 75 per cent efficiency and she continues to fight the fatigue caused by high doses of heart medications, which she is required to take for the rest of her life.

Theresa's professional experience comes from the education sector, where she led the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education Private Career Training Institutions Agency accreditation team. In this position, she chaired more than 80 audits and reviews of some of the provinces largest and most complex institutions.

As a member of Patients for Patient Safety Canada, Theresa has spoken at conferences and in primary health care centres, attended the National Health IT Strategic Plan Stakeholder Forum, and served on the Patients for Patient Safety Canada membership committee. She was honoured to attend the first in-person meeting held in Toronto in 2013 and humbled to meet so many passionate advocates and hear their stories.

Click here to hear the full story of the harm Theresa experienced in the healthcare system. 

Linda Hughes

Linda is honoured to serve as Co-Chair of Patients for Patient Safety Canada, having been a member since 2014.

In her time with Patients for Patient Safety Canada, Linda has been an active participant in many initiatives including the Medication Safety Action Plan, and the National Patient Safety Consortium. She came away from both of those experiences enthusiastic about, and committed to, the work of Patients for Patient Safety Canada.

Linda is a retired nurse with a background in both administration and education.  She has recently completed her term as a board member of the Board of Directors at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, and was the Chair of the Patient Care Committee, which is responsible for monitoring patient care and safety on the Board's behalf. Linda has experience within the long-term care sector as the daughter of a resident in a personal care home and as a previous member of the Board of the Home where her mother resided for six years. As a result of these experiences, Linda possesses personal knowledge and insights into many safety issues that can and do arise both in hospital and personal care home environments.

Linda is married and with two adult children and two granddaughters, all of whom live in Winnipeg. She is committed to helping Patients for Patient Safety Canada grow in ways that will ensure that it continues to have a strong voice and influence within the healthcare system to realize the group's vision: "Every Patient Safe".