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​Canadian Patient Safety Institute

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The Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) has over 10-years of experience in safety leadership and implementing programs to enhance safety in every part of the healthcare continuum.

A federally funded not-for-profit ​organization, CPSI offers products and programs focused on four priority areas: medication safety, surgical care safety, infection prevention and control, and home care safety. Its broad range of capabilities includes training safety officers, developing resources for frontline providers, and engaging with patients and their families.​


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10 years of partnering for patients – a message from the Patients for Patient Safety Canada Co-Chairs12183Patient Safety News​​​Sharon Nettleton​Denice Klavano Partnerships, at least the good ones, take time and energy to build. They are forged over time as trust and respect are earned. Many fail when the work is too difficult, when there isn't a shared vision or when success isn't realized quickly enough. Misunderstandings can create barriers large enough to derail efforts and change the course of action. Negativity can prevail. Systems remain unchanged. Unsafe care continues. This is unacceptable. Building strong partnerships is the hallmark of Patients for Patient Safety Canada. It is ingrained in our DNA. As members, we partner with each other to accomplish something greater than what we could alone. As patients and family members, many of whom have suffered grief and loss from healthcare errors, we partner with healthcare systems, in an effort to make improvements. We are volunteers. We choose this work and to be part of this incredible team; a team focused on doing some amazing things to make care safer for all. Not only are we committed to our cause, but we are also committed to each other. When it may have been easier to choose other pursuits, and where gratification may have been more instantaneous elsewhere, many of our initial members continued. Along the way, many others have joined our journey. Our supporters remind us that "changing a culture takes a decade". They encourage us to "stay the course." Volunteering to build a culture of safety in healthcare is an extraordinary thing. It is one of the most unique volunteer experiences that most of us have ever had. We've seen remarkable changes to the culture of patient safety over the last 10 years. Providers and leaders now invite us to be collaborators in communication, education, resource development, and safety design. These invitations extend beyond simply hearing our stories; the collaborators want us to be directly involved with shaping improvements. We took the time to build trust and earn respect, and now we have a partnership that is allowing us to make a real difference. For many of us, the phrase "Nothing about us without us," is starting to be realized. We are confident that the next 10 years will be very different – a faster pace of progression. With a shared vision, understanding of purpose, and strong partnerships, we believe something remarkable is on the horizon. In fact, we're already seeing a glimpse of this now shorter timelines, measurement of outcomes and experiences, transparency of results – good or bad – all so that swift actions can occur to keep things on track. We need to see what is working and what isn't. We need to know that resources aren't being wasted and that lives are not being needlessly harmed; that the healthcare system really 'cares' about its patients. Patient safety, patient experience, health outcomes and patient engagement are all connected. We may be patients, but 'patience' isn't our strong suit. As volunteers, we no longer hope to be involved in transforming healthcare, we expect it. Our destination is safe care. Our vision is 'Every Patient Safe'. Best regards, Denice Klavano and Sharon NettletonCo-Chairs, Patients for Patient Safety Canada 07/04/2016 6:00:00 AM Sharon Nettleton Denice Klavano Partnerships, at least the good ones, take time and energy to build. They are forged over time08/04/2016 2:26:24 PM192
Quarterly Update Home Care Safety12448Patient Safety News April 2016 - Wave one of the Home Care Falls Prevention improvement collaborative wrapped up on March 24. A qualitative researcher has been recruited to facilitate the evaluation of the Falls Collaborative's effectiveness, and a summary report will be developed by the end of July 2016. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute, Canadian Home Care Association and Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement are planning wave two of the Collaborative. Wave two will continue to draw on expertise from the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada. The home care safety expert faculty will be engaged to support wave two of the collaborative by identifying and incorporating new and emerging evidence in the areas of medication safety and falls prevention in home care. 04/04/2016 6:00:00 AM04/04/2016 7:50:51 PM194
Quarterly Update National Patient Safety Consortium12451Patient Safety News April 2016 - The 2014 – 2016 actions from the National Patient Safety Consortium are well underway. Overall completion is 53% as of October – December (Q3). The Steering Committee of the Consortium meets quarterly via teleconference and is chaired by Chris Power. The Conference of Provincial and Territorial Deputy Ministers of Health requested a seat at the Steering Committee and Nancy Roberts of the New Brunswick Department of Health will now serve as the official designate. Representatives from each of the areas of focus Leads Groups attended the February 2016 Steering Committee meeting to provide a verbal update and open discussion on the status of actions, successes and any barriers being encountered. The membership of the National Patient Safety Consortium Steering Committee includesChris Power (chair)– Canadian Patient Safety InstituteLeslee Thompson – Accreditation CanadaDavid O'Toole – Canadian Institute for Health InformationDenice Klavano – Patients for Patient Safety CanadaDr. Francois Belanger (interim) – Alberta Health ServicesShelagh Maloney – Canada Health InfowayLee Fairclough – Health Quality OntarioNancy Roberts – Department of Health, New BrunswickSharon Nettleton – Patients for Patient Safety Canada A communications network to aid in the communication of the patient safety message across the country has been established. Specifically, a number of provincial quality and safety organizations across the country have begun to highlight their involvement and showcase the work of the Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan on their websites. The evaluation plan for the Consortium and Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan continues to be refined. The Evaluation Action Team includes 16 organizations including Health Quality Ontario, the British Columbia Patient Safety and Quality Council, Alberta Health, Health Canada, the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres, Patients for Patient Safety Canada and others. This team is chaired by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Dr. Lianne Jeffs, a notable health services researcher and member from the Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses. The evaluation plan will be implemented in spring 2016. 04/04/2016 6:00:00 AM11/04/2016 8:33:53 PM123
Quarterly Update Patient Safety Education12452Patient Safety News April 2016 - The Patient Safety Education (PSE) Leads group has been meeting since Oct 2015 to discuss and advance the priorities of the education action plan. In this short time the group has begun to focus on how best to approach the actions that will provide the most impact and ultimately achieve our goals by 2018. Action Teams have completed one action and have begun to work on two additional actions from the 12 actions identified in the PSE action plan. The first to get started are actions under the theme of "quality and patient safety education for leaders". The Canadian College of Health Leaders and HealthCareCAN are the co-leads for this action item, and it is inclusive of a three part approach. First, it will aim to confirm partnership interests and establish a working group (completed), second, it will serve to identify resources in the system that should be profiled as key resources for building leadership capability in patient safety, and last, an action will focus on the knowledge translation element. Another action which is currently underway is aligned to the "patient safety and quality improvement curricula, content, design, and delivery" theme area. Three actions are tied to this theme with 5 co-lead organizations –including the Health Quality Council of Alberta, University of Calgary, Queen's University, SIM-one and the Canadian Medical Protective Association. These co-leads convened a first working group meeting to introduce a guiding framework that could be used to anchor Patient Safety and Quality Improvement curricula for educators. 04/04/2016 6:00:00 AM11/04/2016 8:18:02 PM62
Patient Safety Power Plays - February 201612424Patient Safety Power Plays We all know how busy life can get. Somedays, it feels as though we're more than just busy – we're overworked, exhausted, pushed to our limits. For the thousands of care providers in this country, I'm sure you can relate. Unfortunately, in spite of all the best practices in the world, this hectic, never-ending pace can lead to some pretty significant errors in care. So we're left with a simple question that doesn't have a simple answer how do we get back to the basics? How do we get back to simple? Every year around this time, Bell puts the mental health conversation on the national stage with their Let's Talk campaign. The main goal of the campaign is to end the stigma surrounding mental health issues and to raise money for mental health organizations. I think it serves as a great opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of good mental health, something that can very easily be put in jeopardy by the busyness of the world that pulls us in so many directions at once. Unfortunately, we can't all live in the woods by Walden Pond like American poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau. One of Thoreau's most famous quotes is, "Our life is frittered away by detail . . . simplify, simplify." It's a wonderful sentiment, and one that we should strive to emulate, sometimes just a few small changes can give some really positive results. Perhaps it's as easy as taking the time to say hello to a colleague, or taking someone out for coffee, where you can converse about anything but work. These brief moments of escape from the pressures and complexities of our daily lives could go a long way towards regaining some simplicity. What do you think? What do you need to get back to simple? How can your organization support you? Send me some of your thoughts and I'll share some helpful ideas with you in next month's Power Play. Email me at Yours in patient safety, Chris Power05/02/2016 7:00:00 AM09/03/2016 10:42:52 PM718

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Safer Healthcare Now! Measurement Now & Into the Future4743WebEx 4:00:00 PM04/05/2016 5:00:00 PMProvide up to date details on changes coming to Patient Safety Metrics and Safer Healthcare Now! measurement07/04/2016 12:05:55 PM
STOP! Clean Your Hands Day4732Canada 12:00:00 AM05/05/2016 11:59:00 PMIt's time for patients and providers to come together for clean hands – STOP​​! Clean Your Hands' Day returns Thursday, May 5, 2016.08/03/2016 10:49:17 PM4
Hand Hygiene – not just for healthcare providers anymore!4748WebEx 4:00:00 PM05/05/2016 5:00:00 PMMany organizations have historically focused hand hygiene improvement efforts on the health care provider's and visitors they interact with daily. 14/04/2016 6:55:22 PM4
Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Conference 20164741Toronto, ON 12:00:00 AM07/05/2016 11:59:00 PMThe Canadian Patient Safety Institute is proud to support this event. This event is hosted by Universty of Toronto IHI Open School04/04/2016 3:40:49 PM
ARCC Conference 20164721Toronto, ON 12:00:00 AM09/05/2016 11:59:00 PMThe Canadian Patient Safety Institute is proud to support this event. This event is hosted by Canada’s Applied Research in Cancer Control Conference27/01/2016 5:41:02 PM